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Promotional coin banks can be a lifesaver in trying to tame your vast collection of stranded pennies in your bag, pockets or drawers. Just as much as money plays a great role in our life, so does the storage of such and you will find great value in finding these usually stranded coins neatly amassed in one place until you are ready to break it open. Whether you are looking for promotional promotional notebooks, keyrings, pens, umbrellas or bags, we assure you of their effectiveness.

So with its guaranteed practical value, these make excellent promotional products, printed with your logo on an item that may be used daily anytime you find spare change in your pocket. These promotional products can sit on your desk as accessories for months to come, reminding employees and potential customers of your business every time that they contribute some spare change.

Coin banks are known to have been used for centuries. Their main purpose is simple and very enticing, not to mention that these were born from a very simple premise. They allow you to manage your money while your corporate logo on these products will be designed with professional allure in order to generate maximum exposure for your business as accessories. Other promotional products that will leave the public with greater brand awareness are our collections of promotional bags, pens, mugs, boxes and holders! So find what our printed accessories can do for you!


The oldest western money storage was found in the 2nd century Greek, made out of simple materials including wood and clay.While the storage of money has existed for a long time, it was commonly done so with the use of regular kitchen jars stored at home. In the 15th century, pots and dishes were made of economical clay called "PYGG". Coins were dropped into one of the clay jars. They called this their pygg bank. People soon moulded such clay jars as the actual pig animal as play on words while simultaneously becoming accessible to children and broadening their appeal. Today, people often do not realise that "pygg" refers to an earthenware material.


It’s simple, people love fun and quirky designs and nothing can be more fun and immersive than owning and using a proper coin bank. Piggy banks do not fall into the category of boring and dated accessories and instead naturally attract attention due to their practical usage as well as form. So use this to maximise the appeal even more by printing your design and attracting anyone in their radius.

The product itself offers excellent value for cost, just like our universally used products of pens, keyrings, umbrellas, mugs, bags, boxes, holders, lanyards and logo printed pen holders. So once you choose to use one of the best promotional storage & organisation products on the market, you will find an enhanced relationship with your existing customers and employees while carving a path to gaining new leads. Distributing these with your audience is a great way to not only promote but organise. Make sure with allbranded that your promotional product bags you plenty of attention.


  • High visibility
  • Can be placed at work and at home
  • Range in colour, size and material
  • Excellent advertising space
  • Inexpensive
  • Aesthetically pleasing accessory
  • Durable


Thanks to their great visual appeal and attention to detail, these are amazing promotional tools. You can either share them with your target audience or you can place them on your desk within the office. In fact, why not partner up with a charity and leave these in and around your office to spare some change for a good cause? Once you start to share these customised coin banks you will be able to see people sharing your very company brand.


Lastly, there are many ways you can use to customise these wonderful money storage tools. You can easily modify the logo colour, change the location of the logo and so on. You can even add a custom message alongside your design, much like on our collection of pens, keyrings, umbrellas, mugs, bags, boxes, rucksacks, holders, pencils and lighters. These are amazing to use and do manage to offer excellent value for money. You can get these promotional items customised on the spot and with their help generate plenty of exposure for your business.