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In order to get your advertising message across, it is important that your logo is perfectly presented on your promotional item. An original promotional product - beyond boring mass-produced goods - in combination with your company logo ensures undivided attention and a high recall value. At allbranded, you can design your promotional products individually - easily and conveniently. Inspire your customers, employees and business partners with unique advertising materials and giveaways. allbranded offers a wide range of finishing options.
Vector Graphics

To meet allbranded's quality standards, only high-resolution vector graphics are used in our printing processes. A vector graphic is made up of lines, curves and surfaces, which are described mathematically precisely with so-called vectors. The opposite of vector graphics is raster graphics. Vector graphics have the following advantages over raster graphics: - They can be continuously enlarged, reduced, compressed and distorted without loss of quality. - The file size is smaller - The properties of individual lines, curves or areas are preserved and can be changed later. Examples of vector graphic formats: - Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) - Portable Document Format (PDF) - Adobe Illustrator (AI) Non-vectorised files are e.g. jpg, png, tiff, gif Our vector graphics service for £25 net. Please provide us with your graphics in the mentioned formats to ensure that the requested products can be produced in high quality as usual. If you are unable to provide a vector graphic, allbranded will be happy to do so for £25 net. If you have any further questions, please contact our service team on 0800 410 10 20 or send an e-mail to

Print PDF

Find out now what you need to know to create a print PDF. In order to achieve the best possible print result, you must adhere to a number of guidelines when creating your print data. The specifications for your print file depend on the promotional item you have chosen. In many cases, we only need your logo. For product-specific information, please contact our customer service.

Embedding fonts

Embedding the fonts used is extremely important for printing data that is true to the original. Embedding means that all information about the font is included in the file. This is necessary in order to reproduce the font on another output device on which the font may not be installed and to visualise and create it correctly in the final print. Read all about embedding fonts here.

Convert fonts to paths

If you encounter problems when embedding the fonts, you should convert the fonts to paths, as this can lead to errors when saving and displaying them.

Colour Profiles

If you encounter problems when embedding the fonts, you should convert the fonts to paths, as this can lead to errors when saving and displaying them.

Print resolution

The print quality of a poster, photo or other print product depends largely on the resolution of the print data. The print resolution is specified in the unit of measurement dpi (dots per inch).


In the final creation of print data, the choice of the right colours is particularly important. In image processing, a distinction is made between two colour spaces: CMYK and RGB.

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