Creative customer gifts will be remembered - with allbranded

Are you looking for an opportunity to create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers and make them your regular clients? Would you like to thank your customers for their loyalty with small gifts, but don’t know which products are best suited as customer gifts? allbranded will inform you about the right approach, the best gifts for customers and the possibility to effectively advertise for your company at the same time.


Thank you loyal customers with a comfy beanbag from allbranded. Available in different colours and printed with your company logo, use this extravagant promotional item for lasting enjoyment.

Make friends with practical and pretty customer gifts

Customer gifts are effective in stabilising business relationships and take a long-term position in the mind of potential or current business customers or partners. Sending small gifts for special occasions like birthdays, company celebrations, Christmas or for company anniversaries is especially popular. Such important events in the calendar of any company can be used to make the recipient remember your company again and in the long-term. The desired gifts are often printed with the company name, logo or company colours, creating a promotional effect for the recipient at the same time. What is more efficient that not only please the customer, but also make him mention your company in his social environment at the same time. Moreover, the use of the corporate gift will manifest your concept or brand consciously or unconsciously. You can expect them to think of you and not any other company the next time.

Select the right gift

Not only the selection of the occasion is of major importance, but also the selection of the right gift itself. With cheap and superficial items like greeting cards, the goal may still be achieved, but usually not as effectively as desired. A greeting card too often gets lost in a drawer. Other customer gifts however, for instance gift hampers full of delightful and individualised treats, can create a lot more attention. Especially for Christmas, Easter or birthdays, delicious treats are a great option. Chocolate and other sweets evoke positive feelings and a great aftertaste in relation to your company. Moreover, these gifts target the customer directly and offer the chance to connect a very special impression of your firm.

Hit the right tone

At the same time, always make sure to select customer gifts according to the priority of the business relationship. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can always find the right article. An emerging business relation can be steered towards the right direction when the manager receives a small gift for Easter of her birthday. An important long-term customer will appreciate if there is something for the whole team. The more employees you reach, the higher the chance that one or more of these employees will think of you. The more important the relationship with the customer, the larger the gifts can be. However, do not scare a new potential customer away with a too large gift, or disappoint a long-term business partner with a trifle.

A large selection of customer gifts from allbranded

With allbranded, you get all the help you need to decide for the right gift. From key chain classics or coffee cups to special variations like ecological giveaways – we offer anything you might desire. The best of all: We can print your logo, company name or another text on any product. The times of bad prints on cheap products are gone. With allbranded, you only get the best quality that puts your company in the right light. Visit us online today and get inspired by our cheap customer gifts and promotional products for your merchandising.