Promotional gifts for men: premium personalised products

You are especially interested in creating awareness and loyalty of the men for your company? Then you should take advantage of the opportunities that go beyond traditional advertising means and hand-outs. Use promotional gifts for men that are tailored to your target group to transfer your brand, gain customers and secure their loyalty. While women are delighted by company gifts like lipsticks, bags and buttons, gifts for him that he remembers and leave a lasting impression will have very different characteristics. allbranded can customise any gifts for him with your logo or a slogan – You name it we brand it. Learn more about the advantages for your company and why especially men are an important target group for merchandise items.


Flashlights are practical and have a high level of everyday use. Printed with your company logo, they are useful in many situations and are therefore the perfect tool for your business.

Using promotional products for your company

More than 70% of all companies use promotional items as marketing instruments. They spend approx. 3.6 billion Euro on them. But what is the thought behind promotional items? Promotional products generate the desire to return the favour. The probability for a concrete purchasing desire increases. Giveaways aim to remind the customer of you and your company. Moreover, they should raise awareness of new customers for your company and products by attracting them with a myriad of items. High-quality promotional gifts for long-time customers can be an expression of special appreciation. You employees would also be delighted by such promotional items and be more motivated at work. Express appreciation with a customised promotional product. The recipient will create an emotional connection with your company and strengthen his positive attitude towards your business.

The right choice of promotional items

The selection of the promotional product is an important decision that determines the success of the campaign. To achieve the mentioned positive effects, the gift should be an important everyday item that is used on a daily basis and has constant contact with the customer. This way, you make sure that your customer does not forget your company. Other than print and online advertising, practical giveaways are always present – and your company as well. allbranded offers a large range of promotional items that fulfil these criteria, and even more: appeal to men! Men love practicality and will not be delighted about a lip balm or a hand bag. allbranded is happy to support you in finding the right gift ideas for men. For new customers, we offer a variety of creative and affordable items – from lanyards to condoms and USB sticks to sunglasses. Or are you looking for a high-quality, individual gift for long-time customers to express special appreciation? How about unique gifts like a lounge bean bag, a polo shirt or a pocket knife? Your male customers will use such gifts often and with pleasure.

The target group man

The male target group needs to be activated and motivated to purchase. While women find pleasure in “shopping tours” that they integrate into their free time activities, men are more goal-focused and often profoundly dislike the process. It is proven that men tend to exhibit a “grab and go” behaviour and select the first best product they can find. Therefore, it is a large advantage to find a place in the mind of the male customer through unique gifts for men. You will be the first one they remember when making the next shopping decision. A pen on the desk, a coffee mug on the breakfast table or a lighter in the jeans pocket – with your individual company logo or advertising claim, you will stand out and facilitate the customer’s purchase decision. In the automobile or football industry – There are many areas that specifically target male customers. allbranded offers a wide range of the best gifts for men that are tailored to a specific industry. Ice scrapers, parking discs, whistles or footballs are only a few. The constantly growing range of allbranded will have the perfect and individual promotional product for any man.