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Tech gadgets have been becoming more and more popular as promotional products over the last decade, due to the increasing use and reliance on technology. In particular, USBs are one of the most widely used and essential products of everyday life within the digital world, which at this point is synonymous to the world of work. We at allbranded offer a huge range of promotional USB flash drives, which are ideal as giveaways to promote your business. Cheap, useful and high-quality the personalised USB flashdrives are available in different colours, designs and styles and suited to distribute at various occasions such as conferences, events and exhibitions. You can get these items with our express service, which takes only 4 days from enquiry to delivery when under a time crunch.

Computers have become an indispensable part of everyday office life; from the workplace to your private household. An enormous amount of data is created, stored and transported. These promotional products from allbranded can help and enable you with improving productivity levels at work as well as ease the access to information. We offer affordable, practical and top-quality branded USB merchandise and you can personalise these according to your specifications.


In order to have success with your promotional products, they have to be eye-catching and offer a good value for users. The personalised express USB Products from allbranded should meet all the requirements of a personalised item and score with your target audience. There is no doubt that these are one of the most beloved giveaways, besides pens, lanyards and T-Shirts. They are extraordinary in nature and attract well-deserved attention. You will not only delight your target audience but stay in the minds of your clients, co-workers and business partners. Computer accessories are ideal promotional gifts, due to their innovative and modern nature, at your disposal now!


  • Eco friendly
  • High usability
  • High visibility
  • Long term visual contact
  • Durable and high quality
  • Express; efficient delivery
  • Aesthetic and modern design
  • Multi-functional
  • Wide target audience
  • Compact and portable


USB flash drives are not only modern and cutting-edge promotional computer accessory. They are also considered eco-friendly in the way of storing and transporting data i.e. no paper is used. This means, in its very basic, USBs may very well be considered by environmentally conscious. As such, whether you decide to use these accessories as giveaways at exhibitions or events or instead decide to distribute these among your very own employees and business partners; their versatility allows a broad range of uses.

Why not prepare a gift bag altogether with our other range of universal promotional products including promotional solar accessories ,mugs, keyrings, pens, pencils, and promotional tablet cases all presented in our very own branded, eco-friendly bags? Due to their universal usage and target audiences; workstations and educational systems will benefit widely from such giveaways. Why not give these out at schools, University open-days and popular technology companies to promote your brand within modern businesses? Their customisation, making use of your corporate logo, slogan and advertising message will make way for potential customers that will view your company far more keenly.


Branded USB items can be designed with engravings or the logo associated with your company or business logo and turn these everyday products into unique items due to your unique brand. The promotional value increases with the personalisation, as these can leave strong impressions in order for your target audience to remember your corporate brand. Our professional team is happy to help you with the design of your USB products to reach the highest advertising effect possible.