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Printing your corporate message on accessories can offer your business many benefits. By gifting them to your customers, co-workers, employees or anyone else that you interact with, you can show what a generous and thoughtful brand you are. You will be sure to stay in their memories and increase your brand loyalty! These promotional products will make you appear modern and thoughtful of the environment. People are growing collectively more aware of the damage we are causing to the earth by not living sustainably. By distributing these items, they will be impressed by your dedication to reducing power. This in turn will make them more loyal to your company. There is a lot of choice in this category, from the device charger to the pedometer, there are many tools available that run on pure sunlight! All of the products here can be personalised by having your business design printed on the front. Delight your customers with these promotional solar powered accessories.


  • Eco friendly, your customers will think well of your brand and your efforts to be sustainable
  • Excellent stand alone products, but more effective as part of gift bags
  • Can be charged both by USB port and sunlight
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour, to having your slogan printed or engraved


A growing concern all over the world is our excessive consumption of power. There are many things we can do to reduce this, we can turn off plugs when we aren't using them, recycle our waste, print less and re-use items. Another way, particularly for businesses is to give out solar powered products. This will encourage your customers to think and live more sustainably, something they are probably already thinking about! Align yourself with your customer's values and ethics by giving them these practical and eco friendly items.


The practical and eco nature of these items make them perfect promotional tools to distribute to all your target groups. These will appeal to all audiences as no one can be without their tablets and smartphones when they are on the go! The added benefit is that these are low energy devices, this will show your clients that environmental issues are important to you, which will give the appearance of virtue and care to your business. These can be given out at your events and exhibitions, they make excellent stand alone products, but become even more powerful promotional vehicles as part of tech related gift bags. These could include similar items such as custom printed USB drives, powerbanks, keyrings and stylus pens. They could also be made part of eco friendly themed gift bags, in our web shop we have biodegradable cotton bags, cork notepads, jute bags and promotional eco friendly pens. Your clients will be thankful for such useful and kind to the environment products.


There is a huge amount of choice in this category, will tools and functions to suit all. We have solar houses, which are capable of charging smart phones and tablets on the go. We also have chargers that are waterproof, which would be ideal for people living in rainy climates. Also in this range are sunlight powered torches, for times when you need a little extra light. There are powerbanks, which are lightweight and is chargeable by both USB and by sunlight! We even stock solar powered pedometers! So your clients can count their steps in the most sustainable of ways. There are so many eco friendly products or any other printed computer accessories to choose from, there's bound to be one here to suit your business whatever your marketing aims.


By distributing these eco friendly products, your customers will view your brand in a positive light. You will also be aligning yourself with the values of these people, which is a strong way of making them become repeat buyers or users of your services. All of the items can be customised with your corporate logo printed on the front. If you're unsure of where to begin, please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call. Alternatively, you could open the live function at the bottom of the page.