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In recent years there has been a surge of interest in powerbanks, as trendy and popular promotional products in the market. We at allbranded offer you the high-quality but affordable items with express service, which takes only 4 days from enquiry to delivery. These promotional powerbanks can be distributed to hard working employees, at exhibitions and events. They make excellent stand alone giveaways, but would be even more effective as part of tech related gift bags. These could include other personalised items, such as custom printed phone cases, USB drives and keyrings. Our line-up has a good range of powerbanks, from cheap, compact and stylish ones, to ones with larger capacity. They are available in different colours and designs, so whatever your advertising aim there is sure to be a style to suit you. Order our express powerbanks now and refresh your promotional efforts with this printed promotional merchandise!


  • High use, everyone will be thankful for such truly useful items
  • Modern, your corporation will look modern and trend driven
  • Excellent stand alone giveaways, or effective as part of tech related gift bags
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour preference, to having your corporate design printed


In a digital world, one of the worst scenarios imaginable is your phone running out of battery! Never fear, the promotional powerbank is here! Every time your customers plug their phones into these portable devices, they will be faced with your branding. They will associate the relief of being reunited with technology with your brand. Not just for tech addicts who cannot bear to be parted with the cyber world, but also for emergencies when a phone is needed, the powerbank can aid people in these times. Your clients, co-workers and business partners will be grateful to have such helpful and practical tool on hand. Here at allbranded, we offer a number of state-of-the-art express powerbanks as custom branded items, which cab be produced and shipped only within just 4 days. Our line-up includes high quality but affordable powerbanks available in various colours, designs and styles. The personalised express powerbanks should be one of the most attractive, useful and impressive customised merchandise ever!


The branded express powerbanks from allbranded can aid your corporation's advertising campaign, and help you easily stand out from the crowd. While other companies are giving out personalised mugs and pens, you will be remembered for giving something different and distinctly modern. Not only your existing clients but also potential customers will be very impressed by these high quality gifts with your slogan beautifully printed on the surface. These practical and modern items will attract attention from onlookers, who will also see your design. Our love for technology as a society only increases as time goes on, so distribute these very powerful and effective promotional products, they are the must-have gadgets for everyday use.


Although these portable charging stations are not a classical promotional products, there is no doubt that the presence of the devices is becoming more and more prominent. Using express powerbanks as tools for advertising and marketing will make your company look trend driven and unique from your competitors. Not only because they are becoming a highly popular item for everyday use, but also just like custom printed phone cases, they have a flat surface, which is very suited to print your business logo onto. They are ideal for distributing on many occasions such as conferences, events or exhibitions, leaving cutting-edge and sophisticated impressions. You do not have to worry about anything; after you successfully hand these giveaways to your target audience the durable products will create long-lasting marketing impacts on behalf of you. When your audience charges their mobile devices, your branding will be viewed and definitely remembered!


The promotional express powerbanks from allbranded can leave a special impression on your target audience. These are some of the most practical items available that will be appreciated by all target groups. To choose trend products means to be up to date and that is also an indicator for your way of working, as well as the performance of your company. These items can have your business logo printed on the front. Use trendy promotional iPhone and mobile phone products from our web shop and show your customers that you move with the times.