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Express Branded Keyrings

These days it is all about efficiency. Speed is a huge component of today’s consumer demand philosophy and we at allbranded recognise this and here is our answer! Our Express keyrings (when ordered) will have you receiving your personalised promotional product within 7 days. So if you’d like an alternative to our range of promotional lanyards & printed keychains, find out more about the versatility of our keyrings right here! These can be printed or engraved with your logo, so that they can be the perfect representative of your corporate identity! Even for sponsored and promotional events, allbranded can be your nimble partner when it comes to a speedy production and delivery of your promotional products. Order now and and we guarantee your product to be ready and personalised within the week. So if you’re in a rush or having to get some last minute merchandise for an urgent event then look no further! Umbrella the rain of pressure by using our very own, swift services. If there is no time crunch however, why not take some time to browse through our highly recommended wristbands, mugs, pens, umbrellas and shirts and USB variety!

If you are one of those people who track their packages daily, run to meet the delivery man at the door and are excited about the products you ordered then make use of these using our fastest shipping of personalised promotional items yet! Have you considered making it a full set by purchasing a fitting USB item which you could just as easily attach to your Express Keyrings, in the colour of your choice! Much like pens, mugs and bags, USB items make excellent giveaways for extra incentive and added reach.


These items are designed to showcase the power of your brand to your customers and fellow employees and they most certainly will. On the one hand you have their regular function of organising keys and attached USBs to avoid a tangle situation. By browsing through our range you’ll see just how many varieties of functions this product can have. It’s all about having the right approach which is a demand that this product meets exceptionally well! We recognise that at the end of the day it is about convenience; an effortless way to organise that is also of low cost, durable and essentially designed with quality as a priority. So the next time you have your keys and USB attachments entangled with the rest of your custom printed lanyards, earphone wires and wristbands, consider our Express printed keyrings. No longer searching for the trolley coin when it will be highly visible by your own printed product. This leads us to the next function which is solely decided by you and implemented by us; we materialise your conceptualization by branding the product via your instructions which we pen accurately, not unlike the printing of our pens, bags and mugs. From thereon out we deliver your uniquely designed items by seven days and give way for you to share these with your target-audience to generate leads.


  • Printing externally or on regular inserts through keychains
  • Spacing is limited for text
  • Variety of colours
  • Numerous functions e.g. stylius, coin holder, electronic alcohol tester etc


The reason is simple; our collection is efficient and manage to provide a excellent value right from the start. Their simplicity allows for a low production value, offered in a range of colours with the main benefit being that they make excellent giveaways, add-ons and promotional products in general, much like our range of mugs, bags, shirts and USBs. Your customers will love our range due to their lightweight so you won’t have to feel encumbered when untangling your accessories and essentials. The impression your design will have on your soon-to-be customers is limitless due to the regular contact and will easily provide you with outstanding results.


The first thing you can do here is to share these with your target-audience. Having the right approach is essential and adding incentives in the shape of tokens is a classic form of advertisement. Most people do not think twice about adding a randomly found keyring do their key-set due to its practical purpose. This is more so the case when it comes to snazzy, colour-diverse, unique keyrings equipped with differing functions and adding your own unique corporate logo whether printed on or through the key badges. It promotes a hassle-free way of advertising that is both subtle and intriguing and demands attention in the most natural way that takes little to no verbal reinforcement whatsoever. So choose value for money now and discover how easy marketing can be!