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Ashtrays are being used everywhere, whether at home, on your patio, in bars or in clubs – the ashtray is an everyday item with a continuous presence. The personal user value makes this promotional product more efficient than others. Print your ashtrays with your company logo or slogan and increase the success of your advertising campaign. Through the frequent use in almost every public and private space, you will reach a sustainable advertising effect with allbranded at your side.

Ashtrays – a continuous companion

In many daily situations the ashtray is one of the most useful items. It serves to get rid of ashes and enables the cleanliness in the house. Through the daily use, your company logo will always be present with the customer.

Stay in your customers’ memory

Give away printed ashtrays as giveaways at events, trade shows, shop openings or company events and make sure that your company will be remembered. With a personalised design, branded ashtrays will arouse the interest of collectors and you will increase their desire to own one of yours. Allbranded also offers a variety of other smoking accessories and premium lighters. Use this chance to acquire new target groups.

Using ashtrays as promotional products

For many decades ashtrays have been the ideal promotional products. They are characterised by longevity, various materials and decorating methods as well as through a high user value and average pricing. In the allbranded online shop you will create a personalised promotional gift with a sustainable advertising effect, by printing your logo or slogan onto it. Promotional ashtrays offer a strong reach of promotional messages, as they usually change the owner pretty quickly. They are also popular items at parties and in the food industry. You can, for example, give away branded ashtrays when opening your smoker lounge or by integrating personalised promotional ashtrays at your restaurant. As a tobacco company you could think about integrating an ashtray to big boxes of tobacco as an add on.

Order corporate design ashtrays at all branded

We recommend designing ashtrays according to your corporate design, to make the company a memory for various users. In the allbranded online store you can choose ashtrays in various sizes and colour combinations and personalise it with the silkscreen print. We can print up to 6 colours on the ashtray and your creativity will know no borders. With our branded ashtrays you can be sure to receive a sustained advertising effect and the attention of the target group is all yours. Contact us for personal advice or order your printed ashtrays online in the allbranded online store.