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The discount code is valid only for only orders over £200 and does not apply to Food&Sweets or Prodir Pens. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Black Friday Deal|15% off Everything|Code: ALLBLACK Shop Here
The discount code is valid only for only orders over £200 and does not apply to Food&Sweets or Prodir Pens. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Low Cost Branded Lighters

Whether at exhibitions, in the work place or in everyday situations. Lighters are always asked for and people are happy to receive them as promotional products. Promotional gifts such as these can be used to strengthen the existing relationship between you and business partners, or to help create new ones. Affordable printed lighters are a brilliant choice for your advertising campaign. These lower priced products can also be used as part of promotional gift bags for your clients and customers, these gift bags could include other useful products such as pens, pencils, keyrings and lanyards. The low price means you can order in bulk and use for multiple events. You can personalise it with your logo or slogan and increase the rate of customer acquisitions immensely.


Lighters usually pass through many hands in its life cycle, meaning your business design will be seen my countless other people, long after it was first given out. For example, this item can be given out at exhibitions in combination with some competitions or with subscribing to newsletters as free giveaways. Promotional lighters are available in many different colours and can be personalised in many different ways. For versions made out of plastic and metal, we can use the pad printing method. We stock disposable branded lighters with integrated bottle openers, as well as refillable electro lighters and mini versions.


  • As a low cost item, these can be ordered in bulk and given out at multiple events
  • High use item, the more people use your promotional products, the more familiar they will become with your business
  • Many ways to personalise, from choosing the base colour and design, to having your artwork printed on the front
  • Using names like BIC will align the trust and respect people feel for BIC, to your business.


A high use item means that your target audience will definitely appreciate this practical giveaway. There is a lot of choice in this category, some lighters come with bottle opening compartments, others have USB attachments and a lot of these lighters are refillable, allowing the user to keep and use the lighter for a long time. The longer someone keeps your promotional lighters, the longer they will be exposed to your logo and remember your business. Cheap lighters are also great as part of personalised gift bags, these could include other useful promotional items such as pens, pencils, lanyards and keyrings. All of these can also be printed with your business artwork, to spread your advertising campaign far and wide.


The promotional Tom lighters have all been tested by a testing authority and you can be sure that they will conform to all the EU safety regulations. Moreover, they are fitted with a child proof lock to prevent accidents, without making the use uncomfortable. Regardless of their low price, these are of high quality and can be recycled and are free from toxic substances. More and more people are starting to express their concerns over the rapidly deteriorating environment. Using promotional products such as this that can be recycled will show your companies commitment to environmental change. We even stock custom BIC lighters, known worldwide for delivering high quality yet affordable products. With these durable and useful promo products, your target audience will be sure to remember your name! If you want something a little more bespoke however, please see our range of special branded lighters. These are more unique and original than some of our other items, meaning that your logo could be even more recognisable in a crowd!


Our promotional advisors will support you with the right choice of branding techniques, so that your product will become a personalised marketing tool. With all the choice in styles, colours, and ways to customise, we can surely help you create the right promotional lighters to suit your business needs. There are many styles to choose from with different extra functions, as well as refillable and recyclable lighters. If you’re unsure of where to begin then don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’ll help you create promotional, affordable lighters that will really make your company stand out from the crowd.