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If you print STABILO pens with your company logo, you can give your branded pen a colourful twist with an eye-catching design. STABILO pens are a stand-out brand, with a signature colourful look of high quality pens making them perfect for adding your personal touch. At allbranded we can print useful information for your customers to connect with you: telephone number, web address or a special advertising message. For a personalised pen with this valuable information then consider products such as STABILO EASYoriginal, designed for both left and right handers to use with ease, it is perfect for use in schools or lecture halls. Allbranded have the perfect STABILO colourful pens and pencils for your artistic flair, perhaps you are a creative company and want to promote your brand in a way that coincides with your business - look no further than the classic STABILO EASYcolours. Designed to be used by all looking to add a dash of colour, the STABILO EASYcolours are fun, bright and an effective platform from which to advertise your company. You have the chance to personalise the perfect STABILO pen for your customers, at allbranded we use various techniques such as pad printing, digital or screen printing, and embossing so you have plenty of combinations to choose from to ensure you are the go-to company for your customers. Print with allbranded on STABILO pens with our configurator, or if you have a more individual product vision consult our customer service team!


We stock a wide range promotional pens in our online store! For example, the Swiss made promotional Prodir pens offer high quality craftsman ship with the ability to print your commercial logo. If you want to appeal to a younger or more tech savvy audience, why not check out our range of logo printed stylus pens! Better yet if you do not quite know what you are looking for yet, have a look at our category overview and see our many promotional pens and pencils!


If you decide to advertise with promotional items, you need to feel confident that the product you choose is the right one for you and your target market. With STABILO, be assured, you have a brand that connects with everyone. STABILO have established themselves as a necessity in offices and schools alike, especially with products such their BOSS markers and EASYoriginals - you will find the perfect product to represent your brand for your target audience. STABILO pride themselves on functionality as well as style; the STABILO classy pen is ideal for the workplace because of it's smooth design as well as being the perfect writing tool. STABILO have a great, vast, product range meaning there are different customisation combinations, great for the personal touch on your promotional pen.


Pens are the most popular promotional item in the UK. Using a pen as a form of promoting your brand is great for targeting all marketing groups because it's cost-effective, useful and versatile. With STABILO in particular, you can generate a striking design because of the wide range of colours. Team this with a company logo or message and you have the perfect promotional product! Great for handing out at events, career fairs at university, as part of a giveaway, or at the office. STABILO pens are a special type of pen; perfect German engineering crafting a classic yet trendy pen range, perfect for both left handers and right handers - leaving no writer behind. Personalise your promotional pen with allbranded and gift your target group with a STABILO pen, created just for them.


STABILO pens have creative designs that are recognised as being fun and playful, as well as comfortable in the hand. Students and professionals most likely use STABILO products more often than they think; the STABILO BOSS highlighters being one of those examples. Used in exam halls, meetings, and just about anytime you need to highlight something important, the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter is a versatile pen that can be used in target all groups! STABILO embraces diversity, with a wide range of useful products they recognise the need to create products that are personal, but for everyone to use. There are many STABILO products to choose from, team this with your logo or message and you have the perfect product to promote your brand to mass audiences. We offer promotional pens and pencils in the STABILO range such as EASYoriginal, BOSS Markers, pointball and EASYcolours, so choose which one represents your brand best and add your personal touch!


STABILO is a high quality brand in the allbranded online shop. Creative yet functional, these pens show the fun aspect of your company with a useful product. STABILO pens have a particularly long life which is a practicality to note when choosing your perfect promotional products. At allbranded we have an enormous range of products that you can personalise, so you can create your product in a way that is distinctive to your brand and your vision! Your branded product will be unique to your business, because of our passion for attention to detail it will feature your logo or message, in the style that you want - exactly how you imagined it. We want your promotional product to reflect your image, which is why we can produce custom-made items picked by you, just for you. Contact our experienced team to create the perfect promotional branded product for your company.