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These days, promotional items are an important means to leave a lasting positive impression for customers, companies or business partners. In order to maintain relevance to the present, it can be favourable to tailor such products to current events. This year, the UEFA Euro Cup in France offers the opportunity to strengthen the presence of the own company with individual giveaways. Euro Cup promotional products are largely popular, as the last World Cup has shown. In the end, most citizens identify with their football team and show their support through World Cup and Euro Cup merchandise, for instance flags and banners – which can carry your logo at the same time.

Fan glasses for the football world cup

Put your business in the spotlight with extravagant and individualised fan glasses. Distribute branded glasses as they are often an overlooked advertising medium at many on public viewing events.

Opportunities for merchandising during the football World Cup

Distributing promotional products can have several goals: You can use promotional gifts to gain new customers or direct public awareness to your company. At the same time, promotional items are an instrument to build customer loyalty, as the gratitude for receiving the gift and the constant use of it sheds a positive light on your company and manifests your presents on the long term.

The context of the football World Cup offers another opportunity to connect the positive feelings of this sports event with your company. Through your promotional items, the Euro Cup will be associated with your omnipresent company logo. The large audience at events like public viewing and the emerging feeling of solidarity increases the effect of strewing products. Regarding Euro Cup merchandise, it is recommendable to distribute gifts that are well visible. With allbranded, you can select from a variety of promotional items, print them with your logo or company claim and strengthen the presence of your company for a large audience.

Distributing World Cup merchandise

The Euro Cup offers many opportunities to distribute your merchandise. Especially large public events like public viewings can gather several thousand fans and are an ideal distribution hub for promotional products. The design should make the name and maybe the industry of your company visible at first sight. Moreover, it is possible to combine the distribution of presents with an informational stand. Promotional items for a specific topic, like the UEFA Euro Cup, can also be distributed in the classic way, after completion of an order or at internal company events. Especially the children of your customers will be delighted about inflatable football seats or large hats.

Make the right selection

Before you decide for the right promotional gift for your company, you should define your budget and analyse your target group. For instance, if you want to distribute promotional products during public viewings, you should invest in cheaper and higher quantities of products. Key chains, sunglasses or bracelets are well suites, as they are likely to be used immediately by the fans. It would be less useful to hand out expensive pocketknives at such an event, as they are hardly visible and can only be distributed in smaller quantities. If you want to reach a specific customer segment, better count on class, not mass. Give away high-quality products related to the World Cup, for example USB sticks. In general, the customer will feel a higher value from better products, and your company is associated that way.

Advantages of promotional gifts for your company

The repeated contact with your products creates a lasting promotional effect for the customer. Your company will be remembered each time the product is used. Merchandise is also effective for potential new customers, especially when distributing promotional items at large events. Special occasions like the UEFA Euro Cup increase the use of Euro Cup apparel, like Euro Cup jerseys and Euro Cup t-shirts, that are seen in public. This creates a positive company image and leaves a special impression.

During the Euro Cup, most customers are especially delighted about promotional items in relation to the sport. Cheap smaller items are for instance flags, scarfs or make-up, but also hats, sunglasses and cups are largely popular. The allbranded online shop offers a large variety of promotional gifts especially tailored for the UEFA Euro Cup 2016: from car ribbons to inflatable football seats, all of which can be printed with your logo. We have the right product for any customer group and budget. Use this unique opportunity to create a lasting positive impression for customers, employees, business partners and the broader public.