Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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There are so many materials in circulation that do not biodegrade, that cannot be recycled, meaning unnecessary build up of waste in the world. The future of our planet is a growing concern, we here at allbranded recognise the need for sustainable living and offer you eco-friendly lanyards made from bamboo. Bamboo is biodegradable, and also a highly durable material, meaning it will be around for a long time producing business exposure. By giving promotional bamboo lanyards, you will show how important the environment is to your company and your customers will think positively towards your brand. These lanyards are 900mm in length and come in 4 width options, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. With endless ways to customise and dozens of colour options available, you’ll be sure to find the right eco friendly lanyard to suit you. You also have the option to apply your logo or slogan to these lanyards through sublimation printing, to create the ultimate in sustainable promotional products.


In the allbranded shop you can find various different promotional lanyards made from sustainable and recyclable material, which can be personalised with your business logo. Lanyards have been popular items since the 70’s. At concerts or events, they are the perfect promotional product to use because they will be seen, worn around of your clients, by thousands of onlookers. This will ensure your logo has a vast impact and provide a great return on investment. These eco friendly lanyards are made completely from eco friendly Bamboo fibres, which is a raw material that grows quickly, making it one of the most sustainable materials we use today. The thick trunks of bamboo, which can be as tall as 15 metres, possess underground sprouts. This causes bamboo to regenerate in a short amount of time. Bamboo is being used to make more and more products, from construction and medicine, to clothing. This versatile material is praised by environmental activists and its not hard to see why, even today we are learning new ways the bamboo plant can be used to innovate the way we produce products.


  • Sustainable and recyclable, these lanyards made from durable bamboo fibres will display your commitment to the environment, securing clients
  • A high use item, these promotional lanyards & printed keychains will be used by your clients and partners daily, ensuring lot of business exposure through the products life cycle
  • Many ways to customise, there are lot of colours to choose from as well as widths – 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, we can also apply your logo through sublimation printing


Using eco lanyards as part of your promotional merchandise will bring you and your company a lot of benefits. Thanks to their eco friendly nature of these promotional lanyards, your clients will have a positive first impression of your company. Showing concern for the environment by choosing sustainable flat polyester custom printed lanyards gives your company a modern feel and shows you are engaged in important world affair. Give your target group a promotional product to represent your company’s strive towards sustainability and strengthen the relationship between company and target audience. For potential new customers, co-workers and business partners, small gestures such as these are very important. This way, you can distinguish your company from your competitors. The durable nature of bamboo makes these eco friendly lanyards tear proof. This makes them to a premium promotional keyring, which is also biodegradable. Bamboo lanyards are authentic brand ambassadors with a high reaching advertising effect.


Bamboo lanyards are very trendy at the moment. They are high-quality items, useful and very eco-friendly! At the moment, the promotional products industry is being taken over by eco-friendly items, it mirrors the growing concerns of customers for looking after the world we live in. By choosing these sustainable promotional lanyards you are reflecting your customer’s views and aligning yourself with them, this can do powerful things for your brand equity. Not only eco-friendly printed keyrings but also pencils, cotton bags and organic foods can be used as promotional items and personalised with your logo or slogan. This way you will send a clear message: The environment is important to us, which is why we use eco-friendly giveaways and promotional products.


Eco friendly lanyards are fantastic items in themselves, however, for a successful advertising campaign the items have to be personalised. we can apply your business logo through sublimation printing, onto the bamboo fibres, and dye them any colour of your choosing. This way you can create a unique promotional keyring that reflects your corporate design down to the smallest detail. When choosing the bamboo eco lanyards, you can not only choose the colour but also the width and the type of clip you prefer. Some options of clip to use include the carabiner clip, a dog clip or even a mobile phone clip, depending on who your target audience is and which clip would most align with your company. We at allbranded will gladly advise you over phone, Email or live chat, with any questions you might have about the process.

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