Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Create your own promotional lanyards & printed keychains at the allbranded online shop. The affordable personalised give-aways will help your clients keep their keys and ID cards safely secured around their necks. These small all-rounders also makes finding your keys in your bag a lot easier. Take a look at our shop and find the most suitable promotional product for new customers and existing business partners, as well as co-workers! Our customisable promotional items can be designed according to your business specifications. These keyrings can also be used as part of gift bags to make your promotional gifts that much more special, these could include printed keyrings, flash drives, badge holders and pens. Lanyards are brilliant promotional gifts because they are useful, high use products create more brand impressions and by extension, clientele familiarity with your business. Every time your customers take out their keys, they will be reminded of your company.


Nylon is the commercial name for the plastic called polyamide. The name is a combination of the two places the material was produced for the first time, New York (NY) and London (LON). Wallace Carothers developed the plastic fibre in 1935 and patented it two years later. It was clear then that this material could be used for much more than just tights. Thanks to its sturdiness and stability, items made out of this fabric have good longevity. Lanyards made from this material are very light and offer high wearing comfort. This fabric was produced completely synthetically out of carbon, water and air and became a competitor with Japanese silk. Even today, the fabric is still very soft and silky and gives your lanyards a beautiful matte shine and a premium appearance. Nylon is very similar to our flat polyester custom printed lanyards, it is distinguishable, however through its smooth, lightly shiny finish.


  • Affordable, these can be ordered in bulk and given as promotional items at concerts and similar events
  • A high use item, your clients will use their promotional items long after receiving them, allowing for endless brand exposure
  • Useful, your co-workers and customers will thank you for such a practical item that they can use everyday
  • We can apply your corporate logo or slogan using sublimation printing


Next to printed ballpoint pens, bags and umbrellas, lanyards are one of the most popular promotional giveaways. These developments were never anticipated if you look back on the history of the lanyard as part the military uniform, in the 15th century. Known under the name ‘laniere’, these bands were used to secure weapons of all kinds and were supposed to keep swords, guns and arrows close to a soldiers uniform. Even today, lanyards are still part of a French soldiers uniform, but now only for decorative purposes. Similarly, another early version of the lanyard was used as a status symbol in the Wild West: Cowboys and government officials used these keyrings to indicate their rank and credentials. Lanyards have only developed into the promotional products we know today since the 70’s. At that time, they were used at concerts, as carriers of ID cards and tickets. Even today this method of use is still very popular and especially musical events are one of the places where lanyards are used as promotional products the most. In the allbranded online shop lanyards can be designed according to your requirements.

As promotional products, these lanyards can generate a powerful promotional effect for your company. Promotional lanyards have a high user value, which leads to a high daily use within your target group’s life. Similarly, the lanyards are long lasting and original gifts. You will surprise clients with your creativity and at the same time advertise for your company as well as your products and service in the long run. Another benefit of the nylon lanyards is their low unit price, allowing you to order in bulk and give out at all your promotional events.


Lanyards can be a successful part of your advertising campaign and with very little financial cost to your business. These promotional products are staples at festivals and exhibitions, places where potentially thousands of people can attend, countless people will be exposed to your company. These lanyards have a large surface area to showcase your branding, which can spread your advertising message far and wide. The reach generated through this method of advertising is far more effective than posters, TV ads or mailings. As useful products, these promotional lanyards will increase brand recognition in your clients. These personalised lanyards can also be used as part of gift bags, which could contain similar promotional products such as flashdrives, badge holders, keyrings, pens and mugs. Companies, which show their target groups generosity and appreciation, establish stronger relationships with their clients, business partners and co-workers. Show your target group their importance to you. Promotional items help with this task, as they are being recognised as gifts and not as annoying advertisements. In Britain people are generally accepting towards receiving promotional gifts, which makes lanyards a great choice.


There are many ways to customise these lanyards to make them perfectly align with your particular brands aesthetic. There are many colours to choose from using the pantone colouring system, for an accurate communication of colour. We can also apply your business artwork using sublimation printing. The promotional lanyard is so useful that its demographic is all encompassing, meaning a further outreach with these marketing tools. Have a look through our website or give our friendly team a call with any enquiries, and we’ll help you to order your personalised lanyards today!

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