Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Personalised Woven Lanyards

At exhibitions or on concerts, these items are real classics; the woven lanyards. At the allbranded online store, you can design those lanyards with the help of embroidery. This way, the eye-catching promotional lanyards can be one of the best brand ambassadors for your brand, increase your brand awareness and strengthen the relationship with your customers. We can weave a logo or a slogan onto the lanyard, to make your company stand out. With allbranded you will choose a reliable partner, who will help you with choosing and designing the right woven lanyard. With us, you will create unique promotional products, which will impress customers, visitors, co-workers or business partners.

We are specialists in creating high quality promotional lanyards & printed keychains for our clients! Whether it is bespoke custom printed lanyards you are after, promotional keychains or any other branded merchandise, we can help. You can choose between conveniently ordering on our online shop or calling us up direct and having a member of our sales team take on the job.

The woven lanyard as promotional merchandise

Every lanyard from allbranded is unique. Because we offer a variety of different printed promotional lanyards in our online shop, you have the possibility to find the right promotional product for you. You can even find woven lanyards in our range of products. They are made out of polyester and score points with their durability and sturdiness. You can weave logos, slogans and advertising messages directly into the lanyard. This way you will create a premium promotional message, which can be seen as a negative at the backside of the lanyard. The woven lanyard is, without a doubt, an eye-catcher for your company and a useful and very high-quality everyday item for your customers, co-workers and business partners.

The making of the woven lanyard

Woven lanyards are a favourite promotional product for many companies. In fact, next to lighters, USB sticks and ballpoint pens, they belong to the most popular promotional products. Their success story starts in France in the 15th century, where the lanyards were called ‘laniere’ and were part of the military uniform. Back then, the lanyards were used to keep weapons such as guns, swords and arrows close to the body, in case of a fight. Even today lanyards are still part of the uniform, even if only for decorative means. In a different historical time, the lanyards were used to display the rank and the credentials of cowboys and government officials. Even nowadays, promotional lanyards still transmit information. They represent your company and carry VIP tickets or your logo.

Advertising effect of personalised woven lanyards

Lanyards are very authentic promotional products. Because the wearer is wearing them in an eye-catching way, they display your company logo beautifully. The wearer of the lanyard is also a brand ambassador at the same time. This way, your company will increase its recognisability by generating eye contact with the brand. Moreover, giveaways in form of woven lanyards strengthen the relationship between your clients can your company. Show potential customers, co-workers and business partners your gratitude with creative lanyards. We advice you to use our woven lanyards at concerts, exhibitions and events, where they can carry tickets and passes. These promotional lanyards can also be integrated into press documents or informational material.

Personalise woven lanyards at allbranded

Woven lanyards are versatile promotional products. They are especially suitable for one-coloured embroideries, which are woven directly into the lanyard. At the backside you can see the negative of the promotional message, which gives these products additional uniqueness. We at allbranded find that, personalisation of your product is important. This is why we create unique promotional items, which generate brand impressions for your company. Order the woven lanyards in your corporate design now!

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