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About Face Coverings

With the impact of COVID-19, there's been a rising concern as to what businesses can do to protect its employees and clients. Although the last 2 years have been rather unusual, we have grown accustomed to a new normal where many of us work from home full time and the joggers became the unofficial uniform of the lockdown. And while we may have experienced brief moments of normality, there is once reoccurring element which is slowly becoming a fashion statement - the face coverings. 

Regardless if it's a reusable face mask, FFP2 or surgical masks, this accessory has helped not only the NHS workers, but the common Brit as well. Not only does it protect you from others, but other from you as well. 

What's more, on top of stopping the spread of germs, the mask's popularity is increasing as a fashion accessory.

Face Masks as Promotional Merchandise

Visit allbranded.co.uk and you can shop a wide assortment of masks and accessories. On top of masks, you'll find cases and pouches where one can safely store a mask instead of just throwing it in a bag or a pocket. This will help keep the covering free of germs and bacteria. 

Additionally, all these can quickly become promotional merchandise when branded with your logo, and we at allbranded, can help you do that. While not all face protections can be customised, the boxes in which they are stored, surely can be. 

All you need to do is choose the right one for you, upload your logo and order it. It's that easy!


What are face coverings used for?

Although face coverings were mainly used by NHS workers such as carers, nurses and doctors, they have now become the norm throughout the entire world. Face coverings are now used by everyone to stop the spread of germs and viruses.

When do Brits need to wear a face mask?

Although this summer on July 19, 2021, the British Government stated there's no longer a need to wear a mask. Recently the new wave has brought new rules; starting November 30, 2021, the mask has once again become mandatory in public transport and other enclosed spaces. 

Do you offer reusable masks?

Yes, of course! On top of the classic surgical masks and FFP2, you can also find reusable cloth masks which can be branded through sublimation with your logo and that one can use time and time again after properly washing it.

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