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Tablets are the new computer! They have many benefits over the laptop; this includes their lightweight portability and their smaller size. They can easily be taken on the go without taking up a lot of space in your bag. There is a lot of choice here, with cases made in several different materials and designs. There are also many compartments to hold notebooks, pens and USB drives, making them even more useful. May it be the businessperson on their way to the office, your employee in their lunch break or your customer on their travels, tablets are products that accompany us everywhere. They are often carried by students to help them quickly take notes during seminars, and also by office workers who need to complete work outside of the office. The practical nature of these cases makes them ideal promotional products. Customise these with your logo or slogan and give them away to your target group.


  • High use items, these will be used by your clients daily
  • Practical - these have compartments to carry notepads, pens and USB drives
  • A wide demographic, everyone can benefit from these useful item
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the size, style and colour, to having your logo printed or engraved

    These cases offer great protection from scratches, dirt and dust. With some devices costing hundreds of pounds, it is important to protect such a valuable and essential tool. Distributing these promotional products can do this. The recipients of these cases will be thankful to have a safe and secure way to travel with their devices. These customisable tablet cases from allbranded leave a great impression on your target group. With their high user value and the general popularity of these tablets, these became promotional products that can change the image of your company and strengthen the relationship with your target audience. But in order to get that effect the cases need to be customised. Without your logo or a similar design, your promotional items have no chance to stay in the mind of your customers. That is why we at allbranded suggest you to customise these items and offer you the possibility to design all of them as you wish.


    Small gifts like our custom printed USB products are always appreciated because they are often unexpected. Promotional gifts are one of these surprises. That is why they are not seen as advertisements, but as presents that are given out of kindness and mindfulness. Studies show that 73% of Britons are happy to receive a promotional product. You can also gain a lot of new customers with these original products. Tablet cases accompany your target group in their everyday lives and enable them to spontaneously check their mails, social media accounts and research important information whenever and wherever they want! These bags, printed with your company design, will become your marketing ambassadors.


    There is a huge amount of variety in this category, with materials and styles to suit all marketing aims. For even more options please check branded computer accessories category. A lot of these cases have passed interiors and strong, secure zippers, these are vital to ensuring the device is protected from damage while the user is in transit. Whether branded foldable cases or slide-in bags, with our great choices you can create your own customised and unique items. The sizes are listed in inches and vary throughout the different models and brands. The chosen material is also of great importance. We have bags made from water-repellent neoprene, which will protect bags from the rain. There are also the standard bags in polyester or the more premium leather. We offer cases with comfortable handles or pockets for chargers, keyboards, headphones and touch pens. Our tablet cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboard are also especially popular.


    There are many styles of case to choose from, in a range of sizes, colours and materials. Once you have chosen the bag that is right for you, having your corporate logo printed or engraved can also customise them further. If you're not sure of where to begin, the allbranded customer service is here to help you. We are your competent and creative partner for successful promotional merchandise.

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