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At allbranded simple and low-cost pens can transform into first-class promotional products, which your customers will certainly keep in good memory. Just take a quick look through our Online Shop and and see for yourself how versatile the world of promotional gifts can be. Set a statement with stylish and premium promotional products, which will leave a good impression on your potential clients and customers. With these giveaways you will certainly demonstrate your excellent sense of taste. Allbranded possesses a great selection of promotional pens with a variety of colours. Start today with your ad campaign and win new customers over with new and low cost branded pens!


There are many reasons why a business should use promotional pens & pencils to grow their brand! To start with, they are low cost and can be manufactured in bulk. Even companies with a smaller marketing budget can afford a large number of these items, meaning that their promotional campaigns will generate even great results! Conventions and tradeshows are also vast throughout every indsutry. Intelligent advertisers known that there is no better place to hand out promotional highlighters and logo printed stylus pens than at a gathering of people already expressing an interest in your industry, products and services.


Branded pens are one of the most popular ways to advertise in the UK. These lower priced ball point pens cost just a few pence per unit, yet boast high quality and stylish design. These pens come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit all your business needs. Branded pens are ideal for handing out to customers at promotional events to help support your company and create excellent brand awareness.


Everyone needs a pen at some point, and a lot more frequently than you would think. Promotional and personalised pens make an impact and stay in the customer’s mind long after they have used it. This creates positive brand awareness for your company at very little cost. Customer’s who receive branded pens remember the company in 78% of cases. Just choose your own design and witness the effects of the promotional pens for yourself.


At a low unit price point, our branded ballpoint pens are ideal for promotional giveaways. It’s a fast, easy and effective way to promote your brand at your business conferences, exhibitions and events. Your branded pen will be handed to many potential customers and will generate business a long time after the promotional events they feature at.

Promotional pens are:

  • One of the cheapest branded products, meaning you get more to give away even when on a tight budget!
  • Amongst some of the most effective promo goods. They have been used by so many and for so long simply because they work so well!
  • They are fully customisable! Print on the barrel or the clip and pick the colour scheme you desire!


One of the most highly used and versatile ways of advertising is through branded pens, it is favoured over t-shirts, bags and hats. This is because the pen is a useful tool that is an essential part of everyday life, and used by many, if not all customers. In one of ASI’s impression studies it has been shown that a single ballpoint pen, branded with a logo or a slogan, can generate up to 5,615 impressions for a brand. Our high-quality pens, stamped with your logo or slogan will be the perfect advertising campaign to generate wide spread and positive brand awareness.


allbranded is reliable, competent and efficient in creating promotional merchandise for your brand. You can personalise your pens according to target demographic and intended use, they are the ideal promotional product for all business events. We offer popular pen brands such as Parker, WATERMAN, Senator and Prodir which can be engraved with your own chosen message, perfect for customised thank-you gifts. Our friendly team are ready to help you with any queries you may have about selection, design and shipping so call us now to create your own personalised pens today! Why not start with this popular product?

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