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About our Promotional Lanyards and Wristbands

Lanyards are cords or straps of material of various lengths used to display badges, tickets, ID cards, keys and much more. These items are mostly used in businesses, corporations, conventions, universities, hospitals or in the entertainment industry.

We all own at least a pair of keys or a card that locks something; whether it's the key to your flat, the card from the gym locker room or your corporate badge, everyone could use a lanyard these days. Because they are high-use objects, including a branded lanyard in this year's company gifts could be a great strategic decision. You will impress your clients and employees as well as stay top of mind all year round thanks to our company gifts. 

Similarly, wristbands are extremely useful as well for a company or a specific event. Wristbands are versatile and can therefore be used by both men or women. When it comes to planning a corporate event, a festival, a trade show or simply putting together a small but meaningful company gift, wristbands should not be forgotten.

Show off your brand with merchandise that doesn't end up in a dusty corner, but has a meaningful use and lasts for years. All you need to do is choose the right design from our website, pick the material, the length or the colours that you want and simply add this to the basket. Once you're at the checkout, you can add your logo or your motto and confirm the order.

Branded Lanyards as Promotional Products

Lanyards are some of the most popular promotional products out there. Not only are they small, compact and high-frequency use, but the price for these products is unbeatable. All these features make the branded lanyards and keyrings a great company gift regardless of season or occasion. You can also request samples if you're unsure about a product, as well as a free print preview to make sure the design is high-standard. We highly recommend you use these options on our website to avoid any misunderstanding.

Promotional Wristbands as Branded Merchandise

Although wristbands are not as popular as lanyards, they are equally important when it comes to a special niche of clients. For example, promotional wristbands can be used for entry to a festival, for a trade show event, or an exclusivist corporate event where only certain people can enter. With that being said, a wristband can make your corporate event less chaotic and more successful. It could also make it more exclusivist, as only people wearing a promotional wristband can enter.

This affordable yet super effective merchandise, can only bring you benefits and the best thing about them is that you can get yours now with just a few clicks. Simply select the one you think is best, choose a colour, a printing method and a quantity and upload your logo at the checkout. That's it; we'll do the rest!

Benefits of Branded Lanyards and Wristbands

Our promotional products come with the following benefits:

  • Useful: Lanyards and wristbands are useful promotional products for offices, corporate events, festivals and so much more.
  • High-Quality: These two items are made of strong, resistant fabrics that can last a lifetime.
  • Long-Term Advertisement: Because these products last for a long time, your logo will be on proud display for the long term
  • Affordable: With prices starting from just a few pence per piece, you can shop everything you need.
  • Express Production: Some of these lanyards and wristbands can benefit from express product, meaning they will arrive much sooner.
  • Versatile: You don't need to worry about your target audience, because you can hand these out to absolutely everyone within or outside your company.
  • Sustainable: Through their very nature, branded lanyards & wristbands are eco friendly promotional products, that can be used and reused time and time again.
  • Easy Order Process: As for many other products, you can easily order though our shop or benefit from support from our friendly team via phone or email

Branded Merchandise We Sell:

We sell a plethora of branded merchandise, however on this page you will find mostly the following items:

  • Eco friendly promotional products
  • Lanyards
  • Wristbands
  • Card holders
  • And many more accessories


Are branded wristbands good for campaigns?

Absolutely! You can brand our lanyards with your company's (or event's) logo and raise awareness on a specific event if you wish. Keep in mind that the more people wear your wristband, the more likely you are to gain awareness and potential customers at no extra cost.

Why are lanyards so popular?

Lanyards are so popular for many reasons. To name a few, the affordable prices, the high-use, the high versatility, and easy branding process. 

Do you offer eco friendly promotional products?

Yes, we offer eco friendly products such as this lanyard made of bamboo or this Lana recycled PET lanyard. Browse through more options on our eco friendly products page and discover other sustainable items.

Are promotional lanyards & wristbands expensive?

No, actually, our promotional lanyards and wristbands are incredibly cheap. You can shop these promotional products from just a few pence per unit if you're on a tight budget, or run an effective marketing campaign without breaking the bank.

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