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Promotional Mouse

Whether everyday life or working life, we're always accompanied by computers and we cannot imagine life without them any longer. The efficiency and ease they bring to the workplace as well as the entertainment at home is limitless, which is exactly why accessories of this category are especially popular. The computer mouse is the perfect promotional product for different occasions and target audiences. Due to their diverse use, they can spread your advertising message widely and loudly. Individualise these with your company logo in order to increase the awareness of your brand and strengthen the bond with your existing and potential customers. For more options check out our custom printed USB flashdrives, keyrings, mugs, pens, lanyards, umbrellas and coasters

The PC mouse is one of the two main input devices for computers. Some people may use shortcuts or the integrated touch pad, but the computer mouse still remains the preferred instrument while working on the computer. In order to operate a PC, these are indispensable and thus have a huge user value and a positive effect for your business. Attractive and creative promotional gifts are used very often and this way they can freely communicate your message in style. The more your customers, employees or business partners see your logo or your slogan, the more they will remember your business and as the PC is used in almost every sector and industry, so is your brand


There are classic versions of computer mouse, as well as unusual ones. We offer you a great variety of PC mouse that can all be customised exactly according to your specific wishes and brand image. Whether colourful or in popular sleek and modern colours such as black and silver-grey, allbranded can design your promotional products in your corporate design in order to promote the recall value. But our range of PC mouse does not only stand out because of their diversity in colour (as do our mugs and pens): there are variants in size, mice that work wirelessly or that work with an USB port. Choose your mouse as the promotional product strictly adjusted to your target audience! We will gladly help you by choosing the ideal custom printed computer accessories for your advertising campaign.


  • High usability
  • Long-term visual contact
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Aesthetic design
  • Wide target population
  • Selectable colours and sizes
  • Wireless available


Our PC mice show the benefits of using PC products for your advertising campaign: they are used often and regularly and that increases the awareness of your company and strengthens the bond between you and your customers. While you are looking into computer gadgets and accessories, why not check our promotional keyboard selection, also printed with your logo or branded speakers being possible promotional choices that can even be given away as a set with a computer mouse. Your target audience might be your employees that receive a complete office set, using computer equipment in your corporate design as a welcome gift. Use computer products as promo gadgets in order to present your company in the best light possible


Our PC mouse are available with or without wire, they're colourful and modest, as are our range of personalised keyrings, mugs, usb flashdrives, pens, lanyards, umbrellas and coasters. It depends on your target group and the purpose that you should choose. Dependent on the chosen model, these small promotional products should be customised in order to let them fully unfold their advertising appeal. Therefore, we at allbranded offer you different techniques of customisation that will turn your PC mouse into a meaningful promotional product. A company logo or an advertisement message to remind your customers, business partners or employees of your company and services.

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