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    Branded Merch for Holidays and Business Trips

    This summer is going to be memorable. Help your clients and employees travel in style this 2022.

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    • The perfect company gift regardless of season
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    Promotional Products for Festivals & Events

    Get ready for a myriad of festivals and open air activities this summer!

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    Shop the Best Summer Promotional Products

    Need help organising a team building event this summer? Say no more!

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Welcome to allbranded - your one-stop shop for company gifts, promotional products and branded merchandise. With online branches across all Europe and USA, we are well-equipped to deal with every kind of request and create the perfect products for your company. Additionally, our selection truly covers all areas, whether you have a restaurant, a school, a small business or a large corporation, we have absolutely everything you need. 

We stock promotional merchandise that can be gifted to clients, employees as well as other business partners. All you need to do is choose your favourites from our website, upload your logo and confirm the order so that we can get to work. In just a few days, you'll receive the order on your doorstep; it's that easy!

Last but not least, branded merchandise is the perfect way to convey your logo and make your brand stand out. Not only can our items be part of your successful marketing strategy, but they will put you at the forefront of your clients' mind and increase employee satisfaction.

The Power of Promotional Products

Our promotional products are the best of promoting your business, developing customer loyalty and making your employees happy. Whichever mood you are looking to project, be it trendy, classy, serious or premium – we can make all your design aspirations become a reality.

From classics such as personalised water bottles to more unique products such as powerbanks or sunglasses, allbranded offers a wide assortment of options when you need it the most. Through our customisable development process, you can choose to upload your exact logo, advertising slogans and corporate colours. What's more, we can help you every step of the way to create a product that is perfect for you. 

What are company gifts?

If you're wondering what company gifts are (aka branded merchandise), keep reading! Corporate gifting is the practice of building a bridge between a firm and its employees, clients and other prospects, either physical (such as notebooks, calendars or hampers) or non-physical (such as experiences or e-cards). It's a way of showing appreciation, a sign that you value their work and wish to continue the collaboration.

How does it work?

If you're unsure how the whole process works, this is the right section for you.

  1. Start by browsing our website and making a list of everything you like
  2. Once you found a product, you can start customising it
  3. Choose the colour and how you want to brand it
  4. Choose the quantity (most of the products have a minimum order amount that has to be reached)
  5. Once all that is done, you get to see the delivery date
  6. Add everything to your cart
  7. You shall be able to upload your logo or slogan at the checkout
  8. You can add a coupon code if you have one and proceed to checkout
  9. If you're a returning customer, you can simply sign in or create a new account
  10. Once that's set, confirm the payment and the delivery address
  11. Review your order one more time and confirm
  12. It's that easy

What are company gifts used for?

Do you have a corporate event coming up? Regardless of whether you're organising a black-tie event, a giveaway, an exhibition or a seminar, here you can find a great selection of industry-tailored promotional items for corporate merchandise, hampers and PR packages. If you have an idea in mind of a branded promotional product, then it is almost certain we have it in our inventory, ready to be printed with your company's logo and colours.

From personalised pens to eco-friendly products, you can order high-quality, low-cost merchandise with your business name and logo. Every product in our vast range can be customised towards your latest marketing campaign, event or seasonal campaign, meaning you can seamlessly match a bespoke piece of merchandise to your company and brand, creating an image and vibe that is completely unique.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts

Promotional handouts, giveaways and gifts are make up for an effective and impactful corporate presence. Here are the main reasons we believe branded merchandise from our online shop could work wonders for your business:

  • Durability - Long lasting, high quality promotional products are an effective way to ensure your brand stays in customers' minds for the long run. A well-positioned piece of merchandise is found to be twice more likely to motivate consumer action than traditional advertising methods.
  • Visibility - Promotional merch is a great way of associating your brand to your customers' every day lives. From a steaming cup of tea with your brand on display, to a beach ball being thrown around in the summer, make your branded merch become their favourite object.
  • Acceptability - Everyone likes free promotional items, whether at home or at work. Not to mention that branded merchandise will stay around for much longer than a flyer or a business card.
  • Affordability - Large, expensive, and complicated advertising campaigns can quite often be unsuccessful. That is where branded products come into play. We can provide an alternative to traditional advertising methods, that is not only quick, but efficient and affordable as well.

How to Choose the Perfect Promotional Product

Are you trying to make your mark by carefully handing our promotional products? It's often the case that employees or clients receive gifts and these end up unused in a dusty corner of the office or at home in a drawer that never gets opened. If you'd like to avoid this situation and fall into the best scenario category, where your gifts are used on a daily basis, then follow the next 3 basic criteria: 

  1. Usefulness - Make sure the products you purchase are useful for their intended recipients so that they use them as much as possible. For example, do not buy flip-flops in winter or scarves in summer. Put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and use your common sense.
  2. Go for the Classics - Although original branded merchandise can initially draw more attention, these items tend to be forgotten after a while. Yes, maybe a personalised game would be fun, but a branded water bottle will be used absolutely everywhere.
  3. Quality - Although this is a bit of a cliché, regardless of what it is, a high-quality item will stay top of mind for longer, be used with more satisfaction and improve your brand image in the eyes of your VIP customers.

The Latest Events

Summer Festivals

June is the first official summer month and along with it, we are entering the festival season. Whether it's shows on the West End, Glastonbury or other open air activities, there's just something special about the freedom and the atmosphere; we can't quite put the finger on it, but everyone is happier and lighter.

If you're hosting one of the events mentioned above, you will surely need help and lots of suppliers. We can provide a wide range of customisable T-shirts, lanyards, wristbands, cardholders and so much more. Get the right essentials for your team as well as for your clients and run a smooth organised event.

Summer Travel Season

It's safe to say that the travel season has officially started. After not being allowed or unsure whether it's safe to travel, this is the first summer without any kind of restrictions, and it seems like everyone wants to make up for the lost time. Whether it's going on business trips to visit partners, doing a team event with the whole company or simply going on holiday, we're all keen on exploring the great unknown and living a little. 

This makes summer the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and let it be seen across the world. You may be wondering how is that possible. Well, the answer is very simple - travel promotional products. Read more about what you can buy and how it works in our latest article.

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