10% Discount On Fitness Products from £300*! | Discount Code: EM10
The discount campaign is limited in time and only applies to online orders in the fitness category with an order value of £300 or more. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns and advertising vouchers. Valid from May 12th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021.
10% Discount On Fitness Products from £300*! | Discount Code: EM10
The discount campaign is limited in time and only applies to online orders in the fitness category with an order value of £300 or more. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns and advertising vouchers. Valid from May 12th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021.
  • Euros Promotion
    Footballs Coming Home

    Celebrate the Euros with a 10% discount across our sports selection. Simply Enter the voucher code ‘EM10’ in the shopping basket.

    • Premium health and fitness products for your clients and employees.
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  • Sunglasses Promotions
    The Great British Summer Returns

    Get ready for the long awaited return of the great British summer with our selection of seasonal promotional items.

    • Give your clients summer style with personalised sunglasses and hats.
    • Have fun in the sun during corporate events with our range of footballs.
    • Perfect promotional products as Britain re-opens for the summer.

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  • Bar And Gastronomy Promotions
    Get Your Brand Behind The Bar

    Wine and dine your clients with our tailor made food and drink collection.

    • Get prepared for the beer garden with custom bottle openers and coasters.
    • Go up market with fondue and orbit oil sets.
    • Ideal promotional items for the summer dining season.

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  • Lighters
    Light Your Fire

    A promotional classic, lighters are a sure fire way to spark intrigue in your brand.

    • Handheld giveaways that are built to last.
    • A range of styles and colours to suit your needs.
    • Ensure your brand is always in peoples pockets.

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  • Tote Bags
    A Statement For Your Brand

    Bags are a practical gift sure to be loved by your customers. Design and benefit from a lasting advertising impact now.

    • Promotional bags are often used for years after receiving them
    • Bags display your logo clearly
    • Your advertising message receives numerous visual contacts

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Promotional products are considered by some to be one of the oldest marketing tools for companies, with so many benefits it is clear to see why. According to recent surveys, each year billions of pounds are being invested into branded products. Doing so can help to acquire new customers, reward already existing customers or to be remembered by business partners. Especially unique or creative gifts (such as promo bags or customised lunchboxes) are being used more regularly to spread brand awareness among people within the user’s environment. While other promotion channels are fighting with shrinking budgets, more and more companies choose to go with the direct and personal approach. You can change the view onto your company through perfect matching promotional products. By using low cost, bespoke items to support their marketing campaigns, businesses can interact with their audience consistently in practically any environment and at any time. Promotional products can make your clients life easier because they can use these products whenever they need them. For example pens and notebooks are important for business people. They are going to travel around the world with your branded and eco-friendly produced items in their pockets. What an international view of the company!


Almost every product can be used for promotional purposes and can be an eco-friendly produced one. The most popular promotional classics are lighters, pens & pencils, promotional paper bags and sweets which are being used as giveaways. Other items include keyrings, chap sticks, lanyards or lifestyle products such as sunglasses. Any of these can make the perfect gift to give to your target audience. Whether they are supposed to be trendy, classy, serious or premium – in the allbranded online shop, we have over 50000 products for you to choose from. This way, you can fulfil all your wishes and requirements for your merchandise. Apparel is also quickly becoming a popular product in the promotional products' industry, with items such as promotional gloves and branded thermal mugs being used frequently to connect with new customers and raise brand awareness.


In most cases logo printed merchandise is being used to acquire new customers, to tie already existing customers more closely or to motivate employees. Important aspects for the success of the promotional articles are daily user value, high quality and a beautiful bespoke design. The affinity of the item towards the company giving them out is also very important when it comes to brand impressions. The experts at allbranded can, together with you, develop personalized merchandise which will be unique and therefore impress your target audience. Whether the choice is branded clothing or accessories as bottles and notebooks. With allbranded you find the right branded items for your business.


In order to use the whole potential of promotional gifts, it is important to personalize them. By using special printing and finishing methods such as silk screen print, engraving or embossing we can make many changes to the products. Making them even more special. Printed paper bags are even more attractive than unprinted ones and help to generate another view on your brand. Through the use of company logos, advertising slogans or corporate colours, we will be able to create a unique custom giveaway for you. Your finished item will not only have a high user value but also enable a high recognition effect. This way, your gift will generate a far greater positive advertising effect. The companies logo on mugs, bags, pens and several other accessories isn’t a dream anymore. With allbranded you can make marketing dreams come true and that’s possible through eco-friendly production systems.


There are various occasions and possibilities to circulate personalized products. Branded accessories as bags, pens, mugs, bottles or clothing are must-haves for good marketing campaigns and the view about your company. Personal contact is perhaps one of the best and most widely used, with the help of an educated and friendly promotions team this is often the best way to go. Especially at big exhibitions, events, city festivals, regular festivals, or sport events such as the world cup or the Olympics that promise a large amount of visitors and are therefore ideal for brand promotion and customer acquisitions. Even personal mailings are a perfect way to directly address a large target audience. Put a smile on your co-workers faces by giving them small promotional gifts, which will make them happy whilst increasing the company loyalty. Printed bottles and mugs remember your customer at your brand every time they are drinking. Furthermore, eco-friendly produced bags a great travel companion for clients and generate a new view onto your brand.


Being based in the UK, we are no strangers to rain. It comes when you least want it to and seems to be every time that you forgot your jacket at the office. Knowing this, we ordered in some corporate umbrellas (that is, umbrellas printed with our logo). When we took to the streets with our beautiful new merchandise, people couldn’t help but stop and notice the artwork we had embossed on the side of the brolly! Travel in a dry way with branded umbrellas from allbranded. When ordering umbrellas, what about ordering matching bags, clothing or other accessories.


According to recent research, most people in a target group are happy to receive useful and beautifully designed gifts as they believe that this shows appreciation for their loyalty. Companies benefit from giving them out for two reasons. Firstly, the promotional gifts and the brand image are being distributed permanently and through low cost. Secondly, target groups appreciate the company more, especially when the products are high-quality and very useful. Printed merchandising items, such as T-Shirts, bags as well as caps and other accessories generate more appreciation towards the brand and are some of the greatest long-lasting items. Create your own promotional product.


Promo products as paper bags, pens, mugs, bottles or even clothing from allbranded are very efficient and additional our production is eco-friendly. There are perfect give-aways for trade fairs and events like this are always international and that's the reason why your branded products will travel the world. We have listed the reasons why companies should not forget the use of promotional items below:

  • Promotional merchandise is almost always gladly accepted. They are very popular with co-workers, clients and business partners whereas classic advertisements such as mailings are sometimes considered annoying.
  • Promotional products are highly visible. Printed items convey the logo and advertising message towards many users, whether privately or in the business world.
  • User value of these personalized products. Products with a certain function, have a very high user value and therefore get used more often. These positive attributes are being transferred onto the advertized products or services of the brand.
  • Longevity increases the commitment to the company. High-quality products are long-lasting. Opposite to short advertisements. Ballpoint pens (one of the most common corporate items found on desks across the country according to BPMA research!), USB sticks and keyrings can be distinguished through their sustainable advertising effect
  • Accurate use with low deficits. Advertising products can be addressed specifically towards one target group depending on the occasions. Whether it’d be exhibitions, part of a point of sale or at sport events, these personal, small gifts can ensure positive brand impressions.
  • Sensory merchandise rules - make your marketing that much better! Opposite to audio-visual advertisements, promotional gifts can be touched and felt. With the help of sensory perception, different appeals are being generated, which makes the memory of the customized product long-lasting.


At allbranded.co.uk, you can choose products from renowned brands such as Prodir pens, Senator or BIC as well as from a large amount of other products (such as keyrings, notebooks, paper bags, mugs, drink ware and clocks) which will fit in with your advertising campaign. We have the right promotional item for every occasion and can personalize it according to your wishes. The allbranded team is in every situation a reliable source for high-quality, low cost products. These include printing costs, setup costs, etc. Assemble your beautiful items online or give us a call. Whether you are looking for something extraordinary, serious, low cost, premium or something which is specifically targeted towards men or women; our experts can give you thorough and professional advice. We are accredited members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), so you can be sure that you are dealing with experts. You can also find the most recent trends in our online shop, as trends from way back do not interest anyone. Become a popular brand among your target group with products from allbranded. Order your eco-friendly promotional bags, mugs, pens, water bottles or simply clothing now and change the view onto your brand.