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Modern promotional products say a tonne about you and your company; the acknowledgement and usage of computer accessories represents a company that is cutting-edge, well versed and up to date; it is all about adaptation. Much like allbranded keeps track marketing changes of any kind, on the daily and implement these in our products and design, the understanding applies (hence we realise the universal use of eco-friendly bags, mugs and pens). Thus products that benefit the usage of computers, laptops and tablets are especially efficient and go a long way. This efficiency strengthens the impact of the promotional products : advertising mediums with great user value are being used more and more often and implemented into the very workings of the company as well as its image. This is done in order to appeal and stick to the memory of your target group. Use our miscellaneous products from this category to personalise your high-tech accessories to pen your brand into memory.

Computers make an incredibly large part of today's society; it is simply a fact. An office today cannot function without the use of modern technology whereas if we were to go back twenty years, most offices did not rely on a single gadget and it was all paperwork! So while the use of paper used for storage and hardcopy backups is decreasing every single day; computer gadgets are not. Instead we digitalise backups and original copies, not to mention external drives for extra security- items allbranded keenly stocks; anything from gadget stylus pen, mouse and promotional laptop cases to branded mugs, keyrings, pens, usb-sticks, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags and folders.


Offer your target group a comfortable way of working at home or on the go with technical devices like tablets and laptops. Our promotional products from this category can help you with that. As an electronic store, you can giveaway individualised tablet holders to customers that purchased a tablet in your store. With this onpack you increase the satisfaction of your customers and stabilise the development from new to existing customers. Even your employees will benefit from computer accessories due to the high practical value. With the products in this category you choose original promotional items that respond to and delight different target groups. Alternatively check out our promotional pens, mugs, eco-friendly bags for a greater variety.


  • High usability
  • Durable and high quality
  • Attracts constant visual contact
  • Range of colours and functions available
  • Appeal to large target audiences
  • Modern and aesthetic design
  • Home, car and office uses


Not only does this category offer you a huge range of technical advertising miracles but also a great quantity of our products are specialised in technology and computers and are particularly popular such as our stylus pen, mouse and promotional solar accessoriesmodernity and functionality in your marketing campaign.


You name it we brand it! that's the motto of our allbranded online store. Allbranded makes for a reliable partner by planning and creating your individualised promotional computer accessories. In order to find the products that is right for your campaign and target audience, we offer about 50,000 advertising mediums that can be designed with your corporate design including promotional keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, usb-sticks, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, lanyards and folders. Nothing is more important for your marketing than the recognition of your brand and that is exactly where our creative advertising experts can help you. We do not only offer you ideas for the right selection of our vast range, but also support you with your whole advertising campaign.

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