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About Promotional USB Memory Sticks

The computer is an indispensable part of every day life, both in the office and at home. Nowadays, enormous amounts of data is created, stored and transported - and not always successfully. With our branded USB sticks, you are provided with loss-free storage of data. Whether pictures, videos, CVs or other important documents - they all find space on our memory sticks.

Whether we want to save large documents, to make sure we don't lose a presentation or store lots of meaningful photos, a memory stick is a reliable tool that can be used by students, business people and everyone else.

Branded USB Sticks as Branded Merchandise

Branded USB sticks make up for a great corporate gifts for employees as well as clients. You can spread these out among your employees, or you can include them in this year's Christmas corporate hamper together with promotional pens, branded notebooks and perhaps even branded water bottles. Regardless of what you choose to do, we recommend you keep up with technology if you want to stay top of mind all year round!

Brand our USB sticks with your logo or slogan and distribute these digitally trendy storage devices to win over new potential customers or help your employees perform better. All you need to do is browse our page and choose your favourite model, then brand it however you like and we'll do the rest. In a few working days, you'll find these promotional products on your doorstep.

Benefits of Branded USB Sticks

We love having a branded USB stick around for the following reasons:

  • Affordable: Depending on what capacity or features you want, you can find the right memory stick for your company at surprisingly low prices
  • Size: This item is a small and compact device that can be carried and stored anywhere
  • Universal: This promotional product can be gifted and used by absolutely everyone within or outside your company
  • Long-Term Advertisement: You can promote your company's logo for a long period of time at no extra costs
  • Longevity: It can be used by your target audience for many years on end without deteriorating
  • Usefulness: You can gift this as a trade show giveaway, a Christmas corporate gift or simply buy it for your office stock
  • Variety: Browse our page and discover a plethora of options

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers our shoppers have previously asked:

Why are branded USB sticks so popular?

Branded USB sticks are popular because they are a reliable gadget that helps store large quantities of data without occupying a lot of space. If the internet is down while you're supposed to give a presentation, a USB stick with all the info you need is a godsend. Or if you have to stock large amounts of data, you don't really need to print anything, just store everything on a USB.

Can I order just one branded memory USB stick?

Yes, at allbranded.co.uk, you can order samples and preview your merch in real life. Pick your favourite USB memory stick and order a sample branded with your logo for a fraction of the price. We're absolutely certain, you'll like it so much, you'll be back for more.

Are branded USB sticks expensive?

No, absolutely not. Our branded USB sticks are suitable for every budget; here you can find items with different memory capacities and for all budget, hence you don't need to break the bank. Use the price filter on the page and find the cheapest branded USB sticks for your marketing campaign.

Why should I consider USB sticks for my marketing?

You should absolutely consider our promotional USB sticks for your marketing - their functionality and high frequency use makes them a success. These promotional products will not end up unused in a dusty corner. What's more, we live in a digitalised world and USB sticks are vital these days. Last but not least, you should consider making them part of your marketing strategy because your logo will be on proud display for a long time.

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