Power Banks have risen in popularity in recent months due to the growing reliance on our smartphones and the decreasing lifespan of new model released. While older mobile phones such as the legendary Nokia 3310 lasted for weeks without needing any extra juice, today's gadgets do far more than they once did. Whether this is the ability to play videos, listen to music, connecting to the internet or playing elaborate games downloaded from the app store. While mobile batteries were once easily accessed and replaced by hand, today we instead rely on external chargers and luckily; these do the job incredibly well!

Our chargers are suitable for your promotional iPhone & mobile phone products and tablet and are both portable and compact in nature, perfect for commutes as well as long journeys and holidays. Design these external batteries in your corporate design now with allbranded. In our online store, you'll find different charging devices that can be customised in your particular brand including colours and advertisement message. So, start your advertising campaign now with these modern giveaways and give your target audience promotional products with unbeatable user value. For more options check out our branded keyrings, usb-sticks, mugs, pens, pencils, umbrellas, and eco-friendly bags.


External batteries are a special promotional product when they're personalised with print or an engraving. Combining their classic look and high quality print leaves way for your advertising message to create an amazing advertising effect for your company. This charger is especially useful for your customers, employees or business partners and opens up reach for any target audience that makes use of smartphones (which is basically everyone). The number of smartphone users is gigantic and the wish to stay interconnected without having to worry about charge is nothing short of extraordinary. Mobile batteries are the answer to these wishes. With power banks, you'll not only giveaway an effective promotional medium, but also an object of everyday use that your target group would not want to live without!


  • High tech accessories
  • Portable and compact
  • High usability
  • High visibility
  • High quality and durable
  • Various sizes, colours and materials
  • Range in available capacities (2200mah) & ports available
  • Large target audience
  • Modern giveaway
  • Exclusive gifts


In our online store you'll find various designs, capacities (such as our 2200mah varieties), colours and materials for power banks. They can be compared to a petrol station for our electronic devices that can deliver power in any situation. These provide power to your customers and strengthen the image and presence of your business among your target audience. The easily noticeable placement of your logo creates a great brand impression and so you'll easily increase the awareness of your company. For more promotional accessories to increase brand awareness why not check out our selection of promotional phone accessories, keyrings, mugs, pens, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags.

To allow a branded power bank to charge a smartphone, it must have the fitting port. Normally these mobile charging stations use a regular USB port that come with the basic equipment of chargers, but you can also use the USB cable of a smartphone or tablet. Power banks with two ports can charge more devices at the same time. The charging device gets its energy via a micro USB port that can be connected to a computer or to a wall socket with the help of a power adapter.


Power banks are true trend accessories. Last year these were presented at numerous advertising fairs, now they also become part of several online stores; the spectrum of promotional products is broad. They are not only restricted to classical giveaways such as t-shirts and bags, but also have a variety of advertising trends among them. Our chargers are not the only modern product in the allbranded range; we also stock printed paper bags, usb-sticks, keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, umbrellas, lanyards, eco-friendly bags. To choose trendy products means to be up to date and that is also an indicator of your work performance and the company in general.

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