Valid on all shop orders above £300. Excludes products from Prodir and any food items.
Valid on all shop orders above £300. Excludes products from Prodir and any food items.

About Promotional Keyrings

What might seem as small and insignificant, is actually an iconic everyday use item that carries the most important items - the keys, the objects we use to unlock our house door, the office or our locker at the gym. We'd be lost without our keys and by extension, we'd be lost without keyrings. Not only is this a useful item, but it reflects our character in a subtle yet clear way.

Branded Keyrings as Promotional Products

This iconic branded keyrings show how far a small corporate gift can go. For a promotional product to be effective, your target audience should be exposed to it on a daily basis, and our branded keyrings do just that. This ensures your employees, your clients or your other business partners, have a handy item branded with your company's logo that holds their keys in place, that gets them a trolley at the supermarket, or holds other important belongings.

The great news about this, is that you can easily brand this item with your artwork for a fraction of the price by just uploading your logo at the checkout and benefit from long-term advertisement at no extra costs. Isn't this great?

Advantages of Branded Keyrings

Our branded keyrings have the following advantages, that you too can benefit from:

  • Useful: This promotional product is most likely used multi times a day by your target audience
  • Universal: It can be used absolutely everywhere within or outside your company
  • Long-Term Advertisement: Your logo will be displayed for a long time at no extra costs
  • Affordable: Branded keyrings are some of the cheapest promotional products when on a tight budget
  • Compact: The small and compact size is what makes it one of the most popular giveaways
  • Storage: You can store it in a dry place for months on end without deteriorating
  • Fast: This item can be quickly and easily printed with your company's logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few of the questions our shoppers ask:

Why are branded keyrings so popular?

Branded keyrings are a highly popular promotional product due to several reasons. First, it's an everyday use item which displays a corporate logo for a long period of time. Then, the price is very affordable (especially when bought in bulk), and it can also be used at home, at work or at the gym. For these reasons, it's safe to say that keyrings are an iconic company gift.

Are branded keyrings expensive?

On the contrary, branded keyrings are surprisingly cheap if you're on a tight budget. Most of the options you will find on our website are super affordable, and you can shop a set of keyrings printed with your logo from just a few pence per unit.

Are branded keyrings a good corporate gift?

Branded keyrings are an efficient corporate gift and are always a good idea. However, if you truly want to impress the target audience, you should combine them with a few other corporate gifts such as promotional pens, branded notebooks or even branded water bottles. This way, you'll put together a small giveaway that will put your brand at the forefront.

Do you offer eco friendly promotional products?

Yes, we offer eco friendly products. Keychains are a sustainable item through their very nature as they last for years on end, yet we offer options made of bamboo or breach wood as well. One options would be this Neta bamboo rectangular keyring, but you can just browse our page for a large assortment of options.

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