Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Personalised Sweets

Sweet treats are everyone's favourite. Regardless of age, role or gender, we all look forward to the office treats when we commute to work. It's not just about indulging throughout the day, but it's a nice way to take a small break from work and enjoy a goodie.

What's more, these promotional products can be easily customised with your logo in just a few simple steps. Simply browse our website and choose the right snack for you, then select the quantity and at the checkout upload your logo. We'll make sure you get a box of personalised treats on your doorstep. Please keep in mind only the packaging is branded. 

If you're wondering when and for whom you should get these, keep reading! These goodies can be part of a festive hamper, a giveaway bag, a gift to your clients and employees or simply be on your conference table. Additionally, everyone regardless of age, gender or role can enjoy these treats or has a friend who likes them. Take a look through our web shop and find the right personalised sweet products for you.

Benefits of Personalised Sweets

We believe you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Liked by absolutely everyone
  • Perfect to have at home or in the office
  • Excellent stand-alone product or as part of a festive hamper
  • Quick and easy customisation
  • Affordable prices

Sweets as Promotional Products

Sweets are some of the best promotional products to use because absolutely everyone enjoys them. When one indulges in a piece of chocolate, or a gummy sweet, it lifts the spirit and brings a little joy to that person’s day. Often we do not indulge in these treats as often as we'd like, so when they are offered to us by someone else, it feels that much more special. Giving sweet products is a wonderful thing because it allows the recipient to have a treat when they otherwise would not allow themselves to.

By distributing sweet promotional products, your clients and business partners will view your company in a positive light, and it will go a long way towards creating repeat customers for your business! Have a look through our web shop at the amazing choice on offer and find the right promotional sweet products for you.

These could also be stuffed into branded cups, the more promotional items you can give in one go the more exposure will be created for your business! All recipients will be grateful for such delicious items, and will think fondly on your brand from that moment on.

Types of Sweets

We stock up on the following types of sweets:

  • Mints
  • Chewing Gum
  • Chocolate
  • Gummy bears
  • Candy Bars and so much more


What are personalised sweets used for?

Personalised sweets are the perfect company gift for your clients and employees, and help promote your business in a subtle way.

Do you offer eco-friendly products?

Yes, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly products. Simply browse our page and search for the green 'ECO FRIENDLY' label and you'll find options such as these vegan gummy bears in a compostable bag which are a great treat while not harming the environment.

What are the most popular options?

The most popular sweet promotional product is chocolate, and here you can find a myriad of options. From Ferrero or Lindt chocolate as well as smaller surprises, we have it all. 

Why should I consider personalised sweets for my marketing?

These make brilliant stand alone items to distribute, they will be appreciated by all audiences, young and old, across all different cultures. This will ensure that your advertising reach spreads as far as it possibly can. However, if you wish to strengthen your campaign even further, you could give these sweets out as part of gift bags, these could be in our promotional cotton bags which are also eco-friendly.

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