Some of the most loved promotional products available are sweet treats! These are appreciated by people of all ages and cultures, and will give the impression that your company is caring and thoughtful. In allbranded you can order various kinds of sweets and have them printed with your company logo or slogan to present as delicious promotional presents. There is a huge amount of choice in this category; we stock many different kinds of promotional chocolate, wine gums, mint and chewing gums. This promotional confectionery has a large target audience as everyone, from young to old, can essentially enjoy them. This will widen your advertising reach and spread your message further than you thought possible. Given away at events, exhibitions, on the table at meetings, or distributed to children's parties; there are endless opportunities to use these sweet treats. Take a look through our web shop and find the right personalised sweet products for you.


  • A high use item, people will dip into these treats many times throughout the day and be faced with your branding
  • A large target demographic, these can be enjoyed by all recipients
  • Excellent stand alone products, but more effective as part of gift bags, or stuffed into mugs
  • Lots of choice, including mints, chocolate, jelly and lollipops.
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour preference, to having your corporate logo printed


Sweets are some of the best promotional products to use because everyone can enjoy them. When one indulges in a piece of chocolate, or a gummy sweet, it lifts the spirit and brings a little joy to that person’s day. Often we do not indulge in these treats as often as we would like, so when they are offered to us by someone else, it feels that much more special. Giving sweet products is a wonderful thing because it allows the recipient to have a treat when they otherwise would not allow themselves to. By distributing sweet promotional products, your clients and business partners will view your company in a positive light and it will go a long way towards creating repeat customers for your business! Have a look through our web shop at the amazing choice on offer and find the right promotional sweet products for you.


These make brilliant stand alone items to distribute, they will be appreciated by all audiences, young and old, across all different cultures. This will ensure that your advertising reach spreads as far as it possibly can. However, if you wish to strengthen your campaign even further, you could give these sweets out as part of gift bags, these could be in our promotional cotton bags which are also eco-friendly. These could also be stuffed into branded cups, the more promotional items you can give in one go the more exposure will be created for your business! All recipients will be grateful for such delicious items, and will think fondly on your brand from that moment on! There are many times where promotional confectionery can be of use, keep them on hand to distribute at events and watch as your business grows.


There is a lot of choice in this category, no matter what your treat preference, there is sure to be a style to suit you. If chocolate is your indulgence of choice, we stock individually wrapped milk and dark chocolates, there are also elegantly wrapped squares of chocolate, which can be given out on birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Or just as a mid year treat for your business partners and clients. Also in this collection are promotional fruit jelly printed with your logo shaped like teddy bears, these can be enjoyed by everyone but will particularly be appreciated by a younger audience. These could be given out at birthday parties, children's events or to schools, to spread your marketing message to the young ones. We also have lollies by brand name chupa chups, by printing your logo onto these lollipops, the recognition and respect customers have for that brand will be attributed to your business. There is also a wide variety of chewing gums and printed peppermint products, which are widely used and therefore will be greatly used by your customers. Some of these come individually wrapped and others come in plastic jars, designed for sharing. These jars can be put on the table at your booth, which will entice people walking past at the exhibition to stop and take a look at these promotional sweets.


There are many ways to turn these sweets into your marketing ambassadors. As excellent stand alone products these can be given away at events to delight your customers, or as part of sets they will make even more of an impact. Once you have chosen the style you prefer, you can also have these personalised by having your corporate logo printed on the front. This will make customers think positively about your brand, and they will be faced with your logo every time they reach for a treat. Search through the online web shop and order your promotional products today.