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Energy Foods

allbranded offers you the perfect platform to transform glucose into a unique advertising item. A small printed vitamin burst during a business meeting can appeal and be used by anyone and everyone to recharge their batteries and boost those lagging brain cells after a three hour meeting. Take the opportunity and distribute a round of promotional energy snacks or other delicacies with individually printed packaging. In our online shop you will find a wide range of promotional products to help you promote your company with a nice slogan and logo, through these advertising mediums. In allbranded you will find the right gifts for customers and business partners with whom you will score points at ease. Browse through personalised keyrings, pens, bags, mugs and fruit jelly printed with your logo and select the right advertising item for your upcoming marketing campaign today! Remember, advertising sweets are one of the few things that your competitors won't be using to promote their brand, set yourself apart by using these sweet giveaways now!


These promotional flowpacks are known to elevate the mood and this is no different than the chocolate that Professor Lupin handed Harry Potter on the train after experiencing trauma set off by dementors. These can also raise more than just the mood: many like to refer to these as a fuel for the body, which at low blood pressure or low power lead to an energy boost. Much like one would refill a car, shortly after the consumption of branded dextro, performance and concentration ability steadily rise as these directly enter into the bloodstream after ingestion.

These were discovered very early on in 1792 and were referred to as "Glucose". But this sweet advertising medium is nowadays obtained not from grapes but from cornstarch, potatoes and wheat. As an advertising article our range attain great popularity, especially within younger target groups, and work at a high value. The properties make such sweets are a particularly effective way of appealing to (potential) customers, employees and business partners to develop a bond with your brand during giveaways at meetings, events, exhibitions as part of gift bags or other.


  • Variations in colour, taste and shapes
  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of uses
  • Excellent giveaways (as well as within gift bags)
  • Popular classic within promotional products
  • Appeals to large target audience
  • Include dextro


We will be glad to support your next business meeting with individually designed food packaging. Long meetings provide the ideal opportunity to supply your customers with a round of dextro during the break. Of course, the advertising products are also part of a large array of promotional sweets at events including snacks and promotional chocolate. Pupils and students already know the re-activating effect of these on the concentration - and at least temporarily -bring your capabilities in full swing during exams or important meetings and presentations. Whether in the form of a lollipop or as a candy, make these small giveaways a real eye-catcher and surprise your staff, customers and guests. Especially in the case of PR campaigns in schools, universities or charity events, you can use the individually designed mints to draw attention to your business and make a positive impression with stakeholders.


The individualisation of promotional items are very important for your advertising impact on the general public. In order to use and make your mints and other taste experiences convincing, brand these with your aesthetically pleasing design and slogan for extra creative measure! This can also be done using our popular range of personalised keyrings, mugs, umbrellas, pens, mugs, chocolate and fruit jelly. So your target group can link the advertising material back to your very brand and add some value to your corporate image and services provided. Personalise the packaging of your advertising articles according to your specific requirements in your own corporate colours and find out just how easy marketing can be!

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