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Useful products are some of the most effective and powerful tools for promotion there are, that’s why printed lighters could be the perfect promotional product to extend your advertising campaign. Promotional lighters can be used for many different events and occasions, they can be sold at concerts, festivals and restaurants, or given away as promotional gifts on student nights. These handy and premium branded BIC lighters are excellent promotional products because they are practical, everyday use items – whether at home for a romantic candlelight dinner, or on the go for a quick smoke. Make your customers and business partners happy and give them a customised giveaway.

Ordering promotional products from us could not be easier! Simply find your favourite product (be that high quality branded lighters or a logo printed umbrella), choose your customisation options and checkout! Your sales rep will ensure that your products are delivered to your home or office in no time!


Founded in 1990 in Paris, by Baron Marcel Bich, BIC showed early on that they should be considered an authority on lighters. BIC are well known for their pens in the promotional products industry, but also for their lighters! Since 1972, BIC have been manufacturing their lighters according to approved security standards. BIC are a company that consistently provide high quality, safety and style in their products. BIC remain top of the line because they dedicate a lot of time into continuous research and development. Using brand named products as promotional tools will put all the trust and positive feelings a customer feels for BIC, and aligning those feelings to your company too. This trust and respect will surely increase your brand equity, and create loyal clientele.


  • High use items will ensure your company logo is exposed to your target audience daily
  • As giveaway’s at concerts, university student nights and other large scale events, these promotional items can be used on many occasions
  • Dozens of styles to choose from and endless ways to customise, once you’ve chosen your preferred colour and style, we can print your corporate design on the front


BIC stands for quality and efficiency in promotional products. Lighters are useful products and will be greatly appreciated by your clients and business partners. There are many styles of promotional lighter to choose from in the allbranded shop, from ones with flint wheel ignitions or electronic buttons, they come in maxi or regular sized. These lighters also come in a vast range of stylish shapes and colours. There is also the option to have your slogan printed on the side, to create promotional lighters that really represent your company. Your customers would be very happy to receive such high quality, brand name items, and will keep your company in good memory. BIC are internationally known for their longevity and quality, ensuring your promotional items will be around to produce brand impressions for many years to come.


BIC lighters are very suitable as small appreciation gifts, they can be given out to work colleagues or business partners and promotional so they remember your company. They are also suitable as part of gift bags, which could contain other small promotional products such as printed pens, pencils, highlighters, keyrings or lanyards. Lighters usually pass through many different hands in its life cycle, which means your corporate design will be exposed to countless members of the public. We call this phenomenon brand impressions. This process will not just spread awareness of your company, but help to establish new clientele. These premium promotional products are made to last, ensuring your personalised lighters will be around to promote your company long after the client has received the lighter.


Unsure of where you can use these promotional lighters? We here at allbranded can answer these questions! Promotional BIC lighters are perfect as giveaways, particularly at large scale events. Concerts are brilliant examples of this, in a happy and positive atmosphere such as this, where potentially thousands of the public attend, your cheap promotional lighters could influence many people and create new customers. Your clients will associate the happy memories of that concert and attribute them to your company. Surprise co-workers and customers with promotional BIC lighters at your events. Even as giveaways at exhibitions and as small promotional gifts among informational material, these lighters can be used everywhere as promotional products.


Premium promotional products such as the BIG lighters are an amazing product to spread your marketing message with. The most important aspect for this? Your personalised design. We understand the importance and impact of using promotional products. They are an easy and low cost way of spreading your advertising message to your target audience. These lighters come in many different colours and stylish shapes, so you’ll be sure to find the right one to suit your business. Have a look through our web shop and choose your promotional BIC lighters today, if you’re unsure of where to begin don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call, we’ll be happy to help you through every stage of the design process.

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