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Customised KNIVES

With the promotional knives by allbranded you will increase the public image of your advertising campaign effectively and at a low price. Our online store offers a great variety of pocket knives, cutters and multi-tools in different colours and variations for every occasion. These popular promotional products are useful everyday helpers for any kind of quick repair, hiking trips or hobbies and will convince your customers and business partners with their long-term utility. By printing your logo or a catchy slogan onto them, our knives become an effective communication tool that transfers your message of quality and practicality. For a greater range to explore, find our branded pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, torches, coasters, folders and promotional tool sets and boxes at the allbranded online shop today!

Knives are a gateway for practical use. Whether to open packages or venturing into the outdoors; their potential uses are not limited to a few. This means the personalised knife works for any outdoor gift bag or as a remote giveaway and will be well placed within such setting and its value will be immediately noticed, not to mention your brand and potential slogan. So put yourself, your business and most importantly your brand out there and benefit from the promotional target leads these knives will attain you for the long term.


If you want an advertising medium that stands out among all those common giveaways and that keeps your business in the minds of potential customers, then surprise the visitors of your point of sale with useful promotional DIY and gardening products from the allbranded online store. Our knives, cutters and multi-tools (as well as our keyrings, pens and bags) impress with their ingenuity and high quality – you can offer your customers long-term added value and have your target group call your campaign to mind in a positive manner.

The allbranded online store offers a huge variety of sharp knives, cutters and promotional multi-tools that win over every DIY’er and handyman for your campaign. All products are perfect as a promo gift as well as giveaways and they can be individualised with your logo or slogan. This way your brand will stay in the minds of your customers all day long. Use these benefits for your advertising purposes.


  • High usability
  • High visibility
  • Multi-functioning
  • Range of colours and sizes available
  • Practical use
  • Modern look
  • Variety of materials (plastic, wood, stainless steel)
  • High quality forms of available


Our experienced advertising team helps you by choosing the perfect promotional accessories, whether pens mugs or umbrellas, for your successful campaign. The knife is an item that is used almost every single day and makes the perfect medium for your personalised advertising message. Distribute customised knives as promotional products for the next home improvement retailer or technology fair and your customers will definitely not forget this present. Hardware stores are also a great starting point to establish your reputation with the high quality branded knife sets from the allbranded online store. On top of that, these sharp helpers are a necessary tool for outdoor activities of any kind, as well as on camping events and hiking tours. Be part of the free time activities your customers engage in – our innovative products from allbranded will strengthen sustainable customer loyalty.

Allbranded.co.uk is your competent partner for promotional products and accessories that bring your brand into the minds of your customers and business partners because of their originality and functionality. We particularly recommend our range of promotional keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, torches, coasters, folders and promotional plans. Our broad range of innovative giveaways will be the base of your sustainable marketing and help to gain maximum attention at every event. Our international partnerships enable us to offer you high quality products at a fair price. Just assemble your promotional accessories package online and we deliver reliably to your chosen address.

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