About Our Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are boxes filled with treats which initially started religiously but can now be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender or religion. The point of advent calendars is that you can discover a new treat each and every day to make your December better. An advent calendar can be filled with sweets (like ours), or other treats such as cosmetics, gadgets etc. They are becoming more and more popular as it's a great gift that can be bought or even home-made for colleagues, partners, kids, parents and so on.

Advent Calendars as Promotional Products

There is nothing more enjoyable than opening a present, and celebrating Christmas day with your family while lavishly savouring sweet treats. Both kids and adults will enjoy the novelty of an advent calendar. Take this occasion to gift your clients, business partners, and employees a corporate advent calendar which they can indulge in with their loved ones.

All you need to do is choose the right one from our website and brand it with your logo by uploading the image at the checkout. Your brand loyalty will increase, and your company will be associated with a warm, festive feeling throughout the winter holiday. Show you care about those that helped and worked with you during the past year.

Benefits of Corporate Advent Calendars

Shop our corporate advent calendars and benefit from the following features:

  • This gift can be enjoyed by the whole family
  • Everyone loves sweet treats
  • Your brand will stay top of mind
  • Your brand will be associated with positive feelings
  • Affordable pricing for bulk purchases


What are corporate advent calendars?

Advent calendars are carefully constructed boxes which reveal one surprise each day. When this item is branded with a company's logo, it becomes a promotional gift, and it's called a corporate advent calendar. You, too, can brand our promotional items with your logo and impress everyone with a thoughtful festive hamper.

Do you offer eco friendly products?

Yes, we offer eco friendly products. You can browse our page, and you will find sustainable options such as this premium advent calendar filled with Milka Moments chocolate and many more. If you'd like to explore even more, we recommend you take a sneak peek at our Eco Friendly Products page.

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