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Display Cleaners

In the online shop of allbranded you’ll find different promotional products . We offer a lot of advertising classics, but also trendy new products. One of the recent new discoveries in the advertising industry are display cleaners. Individualize them with your logo or slogan in order to advertise for your company. There are different ways to use these modern promotional products . You can distribute them for example on fairs, through mailings or as an onpack. Inform yourself about the possibilities that this customizable product offers. We of allbranded are pleased to help you with the personalization of your display cleaners.

Rely on trends: The display cleaner

About 41 Million britishs own a smartphone. We live in the digital age and the advertising industry has to adapt to that. Years ago ball pens, t-shirts and bags were the most used promotional products . Now they have to face a huge competitor: The display cleaner. It is a small cleaner for electronic devices like for example laptops, tablets or smartphones. This article is especially efficient because you can use it to get rid of traces of usage and dirt. The pad made out of microfiber combined with a printable cardboard card enables you to design the article on both sides and offers huge advertising space for your message. Make use of the digital trend with giveaways that go along with it.

Personalise your display cleaners

These cleaners are great ambassadors of your message. With allbranded you can design these cheap products according to your ideas and wishes. For example you can print these cellphone cleaners with your logo or a slogan! The print of a QR-Code is also possible, that refers back to your website or social media account. For the personalizing process of your cleaners we use different printing techniques and offer you a huge variety of colours with our Pantone colour system. Like this you’ll find the perfect colour that goes along with your Corporate Design and this in turn, will increase the memorable value of your promotional product.

This is how you use microfiber cleaners

You can use phone cleaners in all kinds of ways. As soon as you personalized them you can use them as inpack or onpack products while selling electronic devices. Display cleaners are especially efficient at the point of sale due to their high usefulness. We can also recommend distributing them on fairs or events where product innovations are displayed. At the same time you can integrate your advertising phone cleaners on flyers or in mailings. The advantage of this giveaway? They fit to products that people use in their everyday life and therefore reach a wide audience. Beloved advertising products are being used for a long time and advertise for your company in every second.

Haptic advertising works

Display cleaners belong to the haptic promotional items. They are advertisements you can touch and therefore have a high impact on your customers. Other than TV or radio advertisements, they really appeal to all senses. This multisensory aspect helps to long-lastingly keep your company in the mind of your target group. It is very important to stay in the mind of your target group, especially when it comes to future purchase decisions. Companies that advertise with haptic promotional products , like our personalized display cleaners, profit, because haptic advertising strengthens the bond between you and your customer and satisfies their need for attention.

About 50,000 promotional products in our online store

Promotional products that include the digital world, are totally trendy at the moment: Display cleaners, cellphone cases or iPhone stickers are ideal advertising spaces. allbranded is your reliable and creative partner for such trendy advertising mediums. We have about 50,000 customizable promotional products in different categories and help you by creating unique advertising mediums. About 48% of british companies rely on the effect of haptic advertising – now it’s your turn! Individualize these modern display cleaners. Our competent customer service is available at all times.

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