Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Logo printed suitcases are a travel must and while it holds your travelling necessities together, it can also be a promotor of your brand with the potential of reaching the widest and diverse possible audience. With excellent spacing to print your customised company logo and perhaps a slogan or two; you will be sure to catch more than one pair of eyes. Whether this is while wheeling these through the airport, on your flight, while waiting at baggage claim or your taxi driver heaving it into the trunk. Our range will ensure your suitcase bags get you the desired attention as well as an image of who you are and what you represent without needing to say a single word.

Our high-quality corporate luggage are perfect for business trips, as well as for your well-earned vacation. The printed suitcase is not a simple giveaway however due to their high-quality these make the perfect employee gift that could not better reflect your gratitude and appreciation any better. In addition to this, we also have other travel accessories such as beach toys or beach mats to make your trip that extra bit special. Our personalised luggage also excels through durability and high everyday use, it automatically generates interest in your company and increases trust for your products and services. In order for your logo and/or slogan to take full visual effect, we print your case state-of-the-art technology; available branding tools include laser engraving and printing options! To get the process started simply select the desired color, the required quantity and preferred printing technique and click "Order". Your products will be on their way before you know it and get your trip off to a great start.


When simple travel bags or holdalls do not do the job and you need a sturdy form of transporting your valued possessions, allbranded has the collection for you. We will process your vision onto our top quality carriers and make sure your delivery is on its way in time for you to rep your brand in style. These custom printed suitcases make perfect travel promotional products! Great for travel agencies, hotel chains and specialist holiday planners.

Allow your advertising message to travel the world with you and make sure you leave an impression not just to your business partners and customers but as a way to show pride in where you work and what you do. With our promotional products you can easily influence new target groups and our high quality standards also ensure your customer loyalty and a high-quality companion along the way.


One of the first forms of luggage were used in 1153 where the Knights Templar made use of luggage on wheels to carry heavy armor. The predecessor is the trunk; made out of wood, often covered by leather, wool or linen. As Europe began its journey through industrialisation this led to the greater rate and number of migration of civilians both for work purposes and vacation. It became commonplace not just for the rich but was accessible to almost all. The advancement of technology, heavier reliance on public transport and private cars, the demand of transporting one's belongings became a necessity. The 20th century saw the first lightweight and compact form of baggage, popularised by Louis Vuitton and spread from thereon out. Soon after, air travel became a norm in the 1950s and thus manufacturers supplied and revolutionised the existing suitcase with synthetic materials and the first verison with wheels in 1974 created by Bernard Sadow, a feature heavily relied upon to this date.


  • Great reach to diverse audiences
  • Excellent space for branding
  • Printing and engraving available
  • Numerous materials
  • High quality for durability
  • Wheels for ease of transportation i.e no need for trolley
  • Come in a range of colours


Consider the mere size of this particular personalised product; far more than perhaps pens, mugs and keyrings, this particular promotional tool allows space for plenty of eye-catching material. The more you travel, the further your brand reaches and it is a simple add-on that takes no effort on your behalf. These make excellent gifts to long-term customers as a form of appreciation for using your services. What better way to advertise your company than to provide already loyal customers a way to attract more? Customers who are able to vouch for the quality services you provide and gives visual confirmation of quality and a company that cares.


We have a variety of styles, sizes, brands and colours available, all to maximise the look that you are going for. With allbranded you leave nothing to chance; from high quality and durable baggage to beautiful printing/engraving of your company imagery we guarantee success. Our fully wheeled collection means that the trolley is no longer something you need to rely on; taking minimal space and not putting any physical strain on you, our personalised luggage is ready to have you travel in style in 2017. We also recommend printed messenger bags and very practical printed drawstring bags for your next giveaway. So why not order now and you can expect delivery of pure customised quality?

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