Valid until 30 June 2024 on online orders in the Bum Bags category. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns and promotional vouchers. Minimum order value: £250. Maximum discount value: £500.
Valid until 30 June 2024 on online orders in the Bum Bags category. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns and promotional vouchers. Minimum order value: £250. Maximum discount value: £500. Only valid with an online shop order.
Valid until 30 June 2024 on online orders in the Bum Bags category. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns and promotional vouchers. Minimum order value: £250. Maximum discount value: £500.

Social Responsibility

Over the past few years, we’ve had the honour of working with numerous organisations to drive projects forward. These efforts have involved nature conservation, humanitarian aid and even scientific research. A goal of ours is to use our reach to inform as many people as we can of the opportunities to support these causes. We regularly run fundraising campaigns to donate portions of our proceeds to these projects. The organisations which we have already (been allowed to) collaborated with are listed below. If you would also like to get involved in any of these organisations, please visit the respective pages and make an important contribution. We take pride in being able to partner with organisations and nonprofits to help promote the causes that would make the world a better place. We hope this can help you feel the passion too!

➤ MBRC the Ocean

MBRC the ocean is an organisation dedicated to protecting the oceans through concrete action. It fights against plastic pollution by setting up programmes to collect and recycle plastic waste. In addition to their coastal clean-up efforts, MBRC is actively engaged in empowering local communities by offering courses on plastic pollution, the environment, recycling, and sustainability. These initiatives are key to raising awareness among local populations and ensuring the long-term health of our marine ecosystems.

As part of World Oceans Day, we are proud to announce our partnership with MBRC. Until 16 June 2024, every order placed on our website, with the exception of samples, will result in 100 PET bottles being collected and recycled on beaches and coastlines. This is our way of celebrating the beauty and vitality of the oceans while taking concrete action to preserve them. Join us in this initiative and help make a difference to our blue planet.

➤ Trees, Water & People

We have partnered with Trees, Water & People. For more than 25 years, this organisation has worked with reforestation, as well as the distribution of clean energy products. Their unique development model is based on empowering local communities in Central America and native communities in the United States. The goal is to help them manage and properly care for their natural resources to operate socially, economically and ecologically in the future.

For our recent Black Friday campaign, we donated £5 per order to Trees, Water & People from 20 November to 2 December. By doing this, we helped raise a sum of money that would support more Trees, Water & People projects.

➤ Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen is one of the largest and established organisations to fight breast cancer. Their mission is to save lives by meeting the critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer (Source: Susan G. Komen).

For the past two years, during the month of October we have teamed up with them to raise money for cancer research. Last year alone, we even raised a minimum donation value of £800 to help fight this disease.

➤ Women’s Aid

This non-profit organisation campaigns for an end to violence against women and sexism. It focuses on women and children who find themselves in extremely difficult domestic situations. From 2014, this organisation has been very active in this fight, They’ve secured tens of millions of pounds in emergency funding, ushered in the Domestic Abuse Act of 2021 and continue to strive to make the UK a safer place for women. For International Women's Day, we wanted to do our part by donating £5 for any and every order on our site to the Women’s Aid Organisation, as we want them to continue their fight to eradicate domestic abuse and get women out of difficult situations at home. We are so happy to be a part of such an important cause!


Rosa, a charity founded in 2008, has also been part of our social commitment for the advancement of the safety and equality of women in both the workforce and everyday life. Their overall mission is to bring in more funding to organisations and businesses owned or led by women and girls. Rosa has funnelled over £215,000 into the qualified organisations, established countless funds, and generally empower women from all over the UK to thrive. For International Women’s Day, we donated £3 for every order placed on our site for one week. We were able to gather £300 for the campaign and were extremely happy to do our part. We look forward to continuing to work with the Rosa charity more in the future!

➤ allbranded Cleans Up

Since 2022, our team has been meeting every spring after work to take part in a campaign to help clean up parts of Hamburg, Germany - the location of our main headquarters. Organised by the city's waste management agency, we walk through the streets and collect all the rubbish we come across. The full rubbish bags are then collected by the city cleaning service so that they can be disposed of properly. We look forward to taking part again next year!

Are you part of an organisation with an important cause and interested in working with us? We are regularly looking for partners to implement valuable projects together. Share with us your vision, commitment by writing to us at We look forward to learning more about you and your commitment!

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