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Bags are among the most popular promotional items in the UK and even more: they have enormous advertising effect. Allbranded offers not only a wide range of promotional bags, but also enables the express handling of these. We at allbranded understand and prioritise speed and efficiency. In promotional affairs, efficiency means everything and so answer to this demand; we create these customisable bags in coordination with you and send you quality products to you within 4 days. If you have more time to browse check out our keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, lanyards, usb-sticks, umbrellas, folders, coasters, badges and consider a gift bag for employees or customers alike!


Branded express bags have been around for years now and people have used them for a variety of reasons. Be it for package delivery purposes, gifts, or just a simple tool that would allow for the transportation of material; the express bags have always found high use and seen as a reliable tool that ought to be accessible to all, at all times. While modernised and eco friendly promotional bags becoming available, its significance hasn’t decreased and nor has its value. Express bags are very easy to carry around, they offer a great value and you can easily promote your business via customisable logos. Have a last minute event in 4 days coming up? No problem, order now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using our express services, with the guarantee that they will arrive in time with no deficiency in quality.


The ease of use of our selection of branded express bags is guaranteed. Produced with high quality material, all you have to do is send us your envisioned or existing corporate logo and we take care of the manufacturing, printing and delivery. Once you hand these promotional products to your employees or customers, they will be going around showcasing your logo to people from all over the city or even the entire country. As you can expect, our products manage to provide a stellar value for money on its own and you will be getting far more out of it by harnessing these the best way you can.


  • Materials e.g. jute, cotton, non woven
  • Colour (all primary colours available)
  • Shape
  • Sizes
  • Uses e.g. gym, grocery shopping


When it comes to using these as marketing tools, you can actually find various uses for the branded bags. They can carry your logo but aside from that they can also be used to include other promotional products for your business, such as our drawstring or printed tote bags variety as well as usbs, pens, mugs and umbrellas. As holders of your promotional package you will benefit by finding leads and following up on these, increasing your business altogether.


  • 4 days from ordering to delivery
  • Maintains quality
  • Still customisable
  • Excellent on a time-crunch
  • Represents efficiency
  • Reliable


Usually the best place you can use for exposure is on the front of the bag as this is met with high visual contact but you can also use these with the printed logos on the side if you so desire for greater fashionable effect. Size, colour and placement is important; remember that you need to use these for exposure so the logo needs to be somewhere people can see and access with ease. Since the logo placement and personalisation options are basically limitless, you are free to choose how and when you customise the entire experience, much like the customisation on our keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, lanyards, usb-sticks, folders, coasters, badges. One thing is certain, the result can be nothing short of extraordinary if you choose to use these as promotional material and witness a stellar return on investment and pens your brand into memory.