Printed Bags and Luggage

We all have a need for bags & luggage, many even daily: Whether as high street shopper with friends, the daily grocery shopping or when traveling on business. For many, bags are not only a means to an end, but also a fashion accessory. Choose from a wide variety in our promotional bags selection such as the casual printed cotton bag, backpacks or practical handbags. You cannot do wrong with the promotional products on offer, so start your campaign today!

Bags have been one of the most popular promotional products for years. Studies prove that the consumer is particularly enthused if such items have the potential of high everyday use much like our customised bags and thus is key in crafting a successful marketing campaign. Our range of practical promotional items which are also characterised by high quality and aesthetically pleasing designs are far more likely to leave a positive impression of both your brand and company itself. Logo or slogan; the advertising message is individually printed on the bag, to attract as well as retain high visual contact, leaving you with a high advertising efficiency. This allows for you to reap the benefits early on, gained from the increased brand-awareness and positive image.


With allbranded's promotional bags you can reach almost any target group. Distribute the bag as a high-quality giveaway e.g. at trade fairs, events or sponsoring events. Give your loyal customers a noble loyalty bonus with allbranded. Your hardworking employees and business partners are perhaps due some appreciation and what better way to do that than with some high-value, customised products (we recommend the laptop variety)? In the allbranded online shop you will find a huge assortment of promotional drawstring bags, custom printed business bags as well as high-quality backpacks. Would you like to differentiate yourself from the competition and give your marketing campaign a special kick? We will create these promotional bags according to your wishes. In close coordination with you, we produce tailor-made products designed to catch your eye as an optimal transportation accessory.

Our bags go everywhere with us, we just cannot do without them and this basically makes them into a faithful advertising companion. This means it might as well be a good one and that’s where allbranded comes in. We offer anything from practical cotton bags that are perfect for shopping and transport to those that place higher value on fashion or travel!


  • High visibility and usage
  • Large advertising space
  • High variety
  • Excellent as giveaways and incentives
  • Come with various colours, materials and functions
  • Ability to reach the broadest group of potential customers
  • Eco friendly versions available


Where can you optimise the use and effect of your promotional set of gifts? Certainly a small stand on a sunny day in the city center can leave an impression and its marketing message is both clear and direct; who doesn’t like freebies? Talk to passers-by and ask them if they would like to receive a small shopping companion as a promotional gift. Perhaps in the foyer or in the entrance area of shopping centers you will find a spot that is perfect to reach as many people as possible to promote your business. The high-quality messenger bags and business bags also address one more very important target group: your employees. For example, you can use these as welcoming gifts for new employees on the first working day. You could even mix and match by filling these bags with more work accessories such as pens, mugs, keyrings, umbrellas and pens so they feel valued from the get-go! Alongside bags, luggage is a very prominent advertising product which are particularly effective for operators and hotels. Accompany your target group on their travel and have them remember you with the high-quality advertising items from allbranded.


Customisation is key when it comes to allbranded marketing; we combine quality products with quality printing for optimised effect on all potential target audiences. In the allbranded online shop all promotional products are available in different colors and can be printed with your logo and allow for precise adjustment to your corporate design! This includes the customisation of vast range of keyrings, mugs, umbrellas and pens! With our vast range we cover eco-friendly backpacks, regular cotton carrier bags, messenger, printed paper bags, cooler and gym bags! Find what is most suited for your target audience and send us your logo and slogan today and we’ll make it happen. Find out just how effortless yet effective advertising your brand can be!