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With allbranded personalised fruit jelly and other flowpack you will find a delicious way of promoting your company. We offer you the possibility to print fruit jelly quickly, easily and fully according to your individual wishes. Whether you want to go with your standard corporate logo or print a slogan that binds the product and your company together in a playful manner; everything is in play. These are well suited as giveaways or onpacks of any sort as a snack or two never misses a mark. We at allbranded feel personalised fruit jellies are best suited as small advertising items so order your promotional sweets in the online-shop of allbranded now!

What do you associate sweets with? One way or another, they are a source of enjoyment, reward or taste! An association you surely would love to make with your company so why not embody these very principles by personalising your promotional fruit jelly and other flowpack today? You will surprise customers with your open-minded and practical mind-set in the choosing of sweets; something that is irreplaceable within large scale events where snacks and mints always come in handy.


Besides promotional pens, mugs, keyring and bags, chocolate, printed confectionary within an advertising gift bags may very well be one of the most popular advertising items to date. With its excellent price-performance ratio, the simple handling and high range of marketing coverage these promotional products offer, make them highly effective for your business. These will be guaranteed to create memories of a company that brings some casual fun and enjoyment to its target population’s attention. Such gifts are always appreciated, especially at trade fairs, conferences or internal events. Spread your brand with these cheap giveaways and strengthen already existing relationships or create new ones with your business gift bags that include delicious printed peppermint products and other confectionary all designed in your individualised corporate look. In the allbranded online shop you will find a wide range of variants for this sweet advertising, with its capacity to adapt to your organisation and its potential use.


Our range is not diverse only in shape, colour and taste but also in their versatile adaptability on any events and thus is hard to beat! Use the candy as a small token of appreciation and incentive for your customers. In addition, events provide a great platform for sweets to be distributed as individualised giveaways. Use the delicious advertising goods as giveaways for those interested in recruiting at fairs or meetings in your company. It is not only (potential) customers or business partners who are enthusiastic about these original forms of marketing- your employees will also be pleased to receive these appreciate gestures branded with your corporate design. Why not brand the sweet not only with your logo, but also with an original phrase for extra creative measure? The target group will be sure to notice the detail and innovation placed in these products for their entertainment and satisfaction and won’t be forgotten. This way you will be able to communicate far and wide about just what your business is about and the quality of the services you provide.


  • New to be used as promotional items
  • Unique and original
  • Large target audience
  • Various shapes and sizes as well as tastes
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly customisable


Use these branded sweets as an advertising tool by optimising the large range on offer as well as the great price-performance ratio. In addition to this they hold a further advantage: being highly diverse and adaptable. Promotional sweets, with so many customisable options allows for the versatile applicability on any industry and event. So do impress your target groups with the detailed reference to your company in the most minimalist fashion possible and see how the small gestures can have the biggest effects! It simply depends on how well you optimise, as on our end, allbranded has you covered in terms of quality, personalisation and function. So choose from our promotional fruit jellies and other flowpack and benefit from the great creative space available, to adept to a range of different industries and sectors. We also recommend our logo printed snacks, mugs, pens, keyrings, chocolates and bags for further giveaways.