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At allbranded, snacks are turned into unique advertising products. Who does not delight at something to nibble at after a successful business transaction? Take advantage of the opportunity and finish your customer meeting with a customised giveaway in the form of tasty tidbits. In our online shop you will find a wide range of promotional products that you can print with your logo and use as a promotional medium, whether you opt for our printed refreshments or printed pens or lanyards- at allbranded you will find the appropriate promotional gifts for customers and business partners alike. Take a look for yourself and start the next meeting with the first-class advertising items from allbranded

It is about the little touches that allow the satisfying of the many, including those of your target population and customers-to-be. Earning points with your customers, employees and business partners with our excellently designed advertising products will be a piece of cake! Whether printed peppermint products, soft drinks or branded snacks in allbranded you can find a suitable item for every taste, which can ultimately transform a non-existing appeal of a brand into something far greater! Catering businesses whether restaurants or hotels will find incredible use for these due to their suitability and company missions these share and the obvious association made. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our selection and pick the right promotional sweets for you!


We keenly read the packaging as a way of passing time as well as any nutritional information we may want to take into consideration. This means our eyes are zooming over the fine print, whether as a distraction or genuine interest and if you were to consider just how much further a corporate logo would be able to stick in your mind than general text; you will find opportunity within promotional sweets as we at allbranded have. These are often overlooked as products with promotional potential due to their short-term use but your taste buds on the other will remember! A completely new way of appealing to your customers but a safe choice nevertheless!


We would love to support your next marketing campaign with individually designed food. Long business meetings provide the ideal opportunity to offer delicious goodies to satisfy your hunger before the actual lunch break, as your fellow employees leave feeling both appreciated and satisfied. You simply distribute small bowls with a tasty selection of our branded biscuits and a range of other luncheons at the business table or prepare small giveaway bags with pens, mugs, keyrings, eco-friendly bags, umbrellas, usb-sticks, printed liquorice and similar advertising products for potential customers at exhibitions, booths and events! Even for large events such as fairs and festivals, our food is your ideal to welcome customers and business partners at reception with a bottle of water or champagne. We also have the eco-friendly folks covered; those who places great value on organic and fair trade products, we have just the right varieties of sweets to fill that gap!


  • Make original promotional products
  • Variety in taste, shape, size and colour
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for gift bags
  • Vast target population
  • Excellent for catering businesses
  • Universal use
  • Eco-friendly versions available


With our high quality goodies you will finally be left convinced, as will your soon-to-be clientele. Edit the packaging of your favourite selection branded with your company logo, your company colours and/or a funny advertising slogan and make for a very unique marketing gift that you present to your customers with pride. Allbranded makes the design and the ordering process easy so make use of our excellent services and benefit from the remarkable price-performance ratio. For more universal promotional products, check out our

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