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You will certainly know the feeling of realising after a long day at work just how low your blood sugar can slip! The understanding that just a little bit of sugar can make all the difference hits you immediately and there is no other way around it; we are conditioned that way and know what to do when our sugar level drops. This means always having a small snack whether a mint or chocolate at hand during a particularly long and/or tiring day is always a good idea and so we at allbranded have got you covered. Since this energy remedy is a popular one, why not take advantage of it and use these as the perfect promotional products for your individual promotion? Delicious attention will be attained at every taste and thanks to the options of customisation, the advertising item with your logo, slogan or company name will not lack in effect including printed peppermint products and printed sweet wrappers.


The name "Candy" comes from the french and means "good". China, Greece and the Roman Empire saw the popularisation of sweets several thousands of years ago. At that time "sweets" equated to fruits and flowers which were finely coated with honey. The first form, which is far more accurately represents our current versions, consisted of sugar and fruit juice or sugar and herb extracts. During these early periods, such were seen as a luxury and were extremely expensive. It is however thanks to the industrialisation and sugar beet cultivation that it is no longer deemed a rarity and is highly accessible.

Today they are a product of mass consumption and make a very popular advertising article for and used by numerous companies. With such low prices and a wide range available, these giveaways are effective advertising for your organisation. With the distribution of promotional candies you create a great reach for your company, and increase its reputation and make customers, trade fair visitors, employees, journalists or business partners more than happy whether you opt for the promotional fruit jelly, chocolates, lollies, biscuits, drinks and mints or classics such as personalised bags and keyrings!


Since the distribution of snacks and treats have long been proven popular and successful for quite some time, you should also always be active in this type of promotion. Place these in a bowl on the counter at your company or in at trade fair stands and offer the merchandise. As well as popular giveaways for internal events such as meetings, workshops or meetings, these confectionery are also very gladly used for one’s existing employees due to their versatility in use. Whether at high streets or at railway stations you can gift passers bys with branded sweets, nicely packed in a paper bag as part of a gift set. These confectionery sets are also conceivable advertising for press materials and as Christmas gifts. Promotional chocolate, keyrings and bags make up few of the cute giveaways we offer and your customers or employees will surely take note of this investment.


  • Variety in flavours, colour and sizes
  • Excellent giveaways
  • Large target audience
  • Inexpensive
  • Tins and plastic packages available
  • Compact and portable
  • Compatible with gift bags


Your customers, employees and business partners all have a variety of different preferences. With the promotional sweets of allbranded that never exists as a problem. The taste experiences are not the only ways to adhere to individual needs and tastes; the vast range in colour, shapes and flavour can inspire each target group to take up the services of your company. So you can find in the online-shop of allbranded candy flavours such as blackberry, orange, apple, mint, eucalyptus, alpine herbs, lemon and strawberry!. We do not just stock fruit flavoured and personalised sweets but also cough drops, can be customised according to your needs as well as chocolate, fruit jelly and mints.

We offer you a high-quality digital printing that allows you to use the packaging of the branded sweets entirely according to your wishes and requirements. You can for example print your logo, company slogan or a memorable advertising slogan on these confectionery promotional products. Sweeten your promotional campaign with our range of personalised sweets including promotional fruit jelly, chocolates, lollies, biscuits, drinks and mints!