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Do you remember an incident, perhaps it was yesterday, of not having any rulers at hand? So you chose to pick up any odd item with a barely straight alignment as a makeshift ruler? This left you with a not-so-straight line and ink that smeared the second you shifted your would-be-ruler away from the paper. Did this happen more times than you can care to admit? So chances are, it is never a waste to invest in proper, high-quality and large qty rulers and have it within reach at all times, all made possible with allbranded.

Thanks to allbranded, you have the option of placing your promotional products directly on the work surface of your customers, employees and business partners. Promotional rulers, much like promotional sticky notes, pencils, keyrings, notepads, bags, umbrellas, folders, and mugs have a place on your workstation and we offer in addition to an extremely wide range of materials and colour, the option that your accessories become customised. This can be done with your company slogan, your company logo or your company name.


Historically, measurements of distance were made manually through hand or foot (foot later used as a legitimate measurement of metrics), simply due to practicality. Greeks and Egyptians requiring external and more reliable forms of measurements due to the demands of improving architecture and medicine led to the first rulers made of wood and ivory.

In the 18th century the metric system became universal all over the globe and was adapted by most, thus came to be the measurements we use today. To date, the oldest measuring rod discovered was made out of copper-alloy, created/used approximately 2650 BC.

A German inventor by the name of Anton Ullrich invented the modern folding ruler in 1851, answering to practical demands and the flexible ruler was to follow roughly 50 years later.


The little things that everyday office life constantly demands, we try to swerve away from. Experience however has taught you their necessity and allbranded supplies promotional rulers as well printed USB sticks, pencils, keyrings, , umbrellas, folders, notepads, bags and mugs which are vital for a flowing and easy workday. To add to their use we customise these according to your wishes; whether you’d prefer your company logo printed on these accessories with no text or in addition to an advertising message; we make it happen. Available is a vast colour palette and materials (including recycled plastic) and sizes (15cm and 30cm) for promotional rulers to pop and bags the attention your colleagues and more.


  • Various sizes (incl 30cm)
  • Large palette of colour
  • Eco-friendly (recycled plastic)
  • Excellent giveaways
  • High usage
  • High visibility
  • Targets office workers (large target-population)
  • Low cost for high qty
  • Gift bags possibility e.g. with promotional pens and other office accessories

    The printed and plastic-recycled rulers (15cm or 30cm) in combination with our pens, mugs, keyrings, bags make the perfect gift bag for any giveaway event. Whether this is at an exhibition, large-scale event and university open day! You pick, we supply and customise according your custom stationary to your wishes. As accessories there see high use in most work places why not consider supplying your very own office and employees with a decent qty and spread the message internally too? A gift of appreciation goes a long way and their practicality has no limits.

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