The desk is no stranger to the everyday office worker. Your workday starts at the desk and ends a your desk, and if you stop to consider just how much of your life you spend at work, it puts things into perspective. As humans we pay attention to minute details and the very things can influence our mood in the subtlest of ways; a fact that our marketing professionals at allbranded are very aware of! So office workers, much like you, will work at a cluttered work desk for an average of 8 hours a day, that is 8 hours of potential influence and marketing. This means you have the opportunity to connect with a large target audience through the use of items that an office worker turns to on a daily basis; whether these are pens, pencils, mugs, bags, keyrings, lanyard, usb-sticks, folders, holders or calculators. These are items that your eyes regularly fall onto simply due to the high usage and what better products to turn into high-quality promotional products than desk accessories?


You can accessorise your desk as well as your fellow employees, customers and soon-to-be customers with your very own personalised accessories; why not throw umbrellas and torches to the mix? What these and our range of desk accessories have in common is its usage. We rely on these products everyday so why not make them multifunctional? It’s basic and primary use, whether it is mousemats, lanyards or printed USB sticks ; can also act as your own marketing campaign. The personalised pens, pencils or mugs must only reach a single person in one office to optimise its effect; consider how many times you move around in your space. Twice a day to get your dose of caffeine, twice daily to get your lunch and clean it up. Toilet breaks, maybe a cigarette break or just some fresh air? Perhaps you move to a colleague's desk to join them for some chit-chat. Or you have regular appointments which means you are running around the whole day. So how many people do you make contact with while you are running around with folders, bags, holders or printed calculators? Is it in the tens? Twenties? More?

Now that the question of frequency has been answered, how about the length of time we spend at our workplace? Usually five days a week, 9-5. This means you spend roughly 60% of your life working. The point here is that you can do even more work with no effort at all unlike all your other daily tasks. The effortless, subtle and automatic form of advertisement that promotional products bring which include and are not limited to our promotional (often eco-friendly) bags, mugs, pens, umbrellas and keyrings.


  • Large range available
  • Excellent usage in frequency and longevity
  • High quality products
  • Eco-friendly selections available
  • Classic giveaways
  • Range in colours, make and sizes

    Allbranded is committed in selling items that have use; whether it is to declutter that desk or for entertainment purposes; we got it made. More often than not, even if you are not looking to give these out at giveaways; we need to purchase bulks simply to supply the office such as pens, bags and keyrings. As you browse through our selection you will find a vast range of eco-friendly holders, branded accessories and promotional desk accessories of any sort. You name it. Since we are now increasingly reliant on the computer and many of our folders have become digitised consider our technology range of USB-sticks, powerbanks and more.

    So these items make excellent giveaways, particularly for employees at your very own offices. Why not ask them to take some home and have it be passed as far as it can possibly reach? Perhaps you can give away office accessories at exhibition booths with your corporate logo cleanly printed on and highly visible to a passerby.We are happy to print on all our varieties of promotional products for you. So personalised logo printed stress balls, mugs, pens, keyrings or other office promotional products are doing your silent marketing without any effort on your


    By going for office accessories you are guaranteed quality. These will bring your desk in tip-top-shape, and access a vast target group that is not shy in numbers. You cannot go wrong with your decision to commit to allbranded so go ahead and streamline your way into a high-yielding business with top quality marketing.