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Personalised PEN HOLDERS

Pen holders go hand in hand with convenience and practicality when sitting at your desk, attempting to establish some order with your collection of pens. Our variety however stand out due to their modern designs and multi-functions and thus will optimise the visual contacts at work or anywhere else. This, along with your corporate branding will ensure to leave an impression on those around you and allow your company to find new leads within your target market.

As such these printed storage giveaways give way to excellent marketing for your company due to their long-lasting presence and stylish look. Not just for the user but those around will find long-term visual contact with the product and therefore your brand too. Advertising gifts are little appreciating tokens that in merchandising nowadays are almost essential. In the allbranded online shop you will find a large selection of promotional products tailored to your individual purpose. Promotional pen holders are original advertising gifts with which your customers will remember you in a positive manner, as will our range of branded pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, folders and clocks.


The sheer amount of time people spend at their desk makes it the perfect space to advertise your promotional items while keeping your pens organised. Branded pen holders make excellent giveaways, because they are always within vision range during work as well as any customers you may attend to at your desk. This advertising good is suitable for all target groups and gives them the image of a well organised company that prioritises efficiency as well as comfort to do so. At allbranded we realise that the little things amount to far more than just accessories, particularly when taking advantage of universal products that are equipped with perhaps more than just one function in addition to its promotional potential.


These products make great giveaways for distribution purposes at exhibitions and events- an all-rounder among the best promotional products on the market, much like our bestsellers consisting of personalised pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, folders, lanyards and promotional notebooks. Whether you prefer to put together gift bags with our other range of desk accessories (including pens) and target the working/education-enrolled population with products mentioned above or prefer to use these as singular giveaways- they will work their promotional effect extremely well. Why not consider providing these at your very own company events to make note-taking that much easier? These also come in handy at schools and colleges. Provide these de-clatterers as an incentive to research your brand and company and watch your marketing campaign succeed.


  • High visibility
  • High usability
  • Range of colours available
  • Materials differ e.g. plastic/PU leather
  • Combination of functions e.g. clocks
  • Modern look e.g. leather


The allbranded online shop offers you an interesting selection of pen holders, all of which can be individualised with your logo. These accessories are available in different colours and give your workplace the necessary uncluttered look desired by keeping your pens at bay. You can also decide between classic and modern variations according to your individual taste and the image of your company you are willing to project.

If you prefer to stand out with our premium promotional pen holders find our range using PU leather and mechanical clock attached for an array of functions. Perhaps you would rather opt for our classic and aesthetically pleasing range in which case we recommend our cheaper alternatives such as the plastic desk trash bin. While you are looking to promote desk accessories why not consider browsing through our promotional piggy banks, mugs, eco-friendly bags, keyrings, pens and pencils to get the best out every event you attend?

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