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Personalised Towels

Are you a company on the search for suitable advertising products for your new advertising campaign? We at the allbranded online shop specialise in promotional products of all kinds. Our vast range of printed towels coupled with a company logo will ensure to capture attention in the long-run. For extra measure why not find a suitable printable advertising slogan to empower and embrace the personality of your company? Our promotional accessories make excellent printed giveaways and are easily distributable at a wide range of events and have the opportunity to address multiple target groups at the same time.

Business today revolves around standing out. While your competitors are ever-competing with a way to stay relevant, we find ourselves investing in the digital; social media campaigns, instagram, Twitter etc. All these are ways to spread your name, your company and most importantly; your services. This is because we are overloaded with information on the day to day, whether it is the thousands of billboards and posters you walk past during your commute or avoiding street fundraisers. Advertisement in its most original form has limited effect, so we make use of hands-on advertising by selling branded products with high usage. Promotional printed towels are one of a kind in their ability to promote on the daily, as are our collection of promotional caps, bags, mugs and pens for extra measure!


The beginnings of the towel is traced back to the 17th century in Turkey; made out of cotton/linen and other velour and most commonly embroidered by hand. These prototypes were commonly body-height and width (as opposed to the many size variables we see today) and were referred to as petstamel. These were considered practically significant due to their lightweight and absorbent functions.

With the rise of the Ottoman Empire the use of towels grew. Weavers began to look beyond its practical purposes and collaborated elaborate designs on these to serve as a visually-pleasing accessory. With industrialisation, the towel became commonplace in every home as the materials used became accessible and affordable to the population at large.


In order to operate effectively and permanently as an advertising tool for your company, your product needs universal value and personalised towels rank among the top. Whether it is in your own home, your regular visits to the swimming pool or on vacation; the brands these items carry will be within your vision range. The branding on these items in particular are highly aesthetically pleasing and stand out from the regular plain variety you most often see.

Towels offer a great advertising space - you have the opportunity to print your memorable logo and slogan on an item that is used daily by your customers, employees and business partners. If you are looking for more personalisable products with universal use why not check out our collection of logo printed sunglasses, mugs, bags, pens, keyrings, golf umbrellas for quality and practicality!


  • High useage
  • Large colour range
  • Varieties; sports, bathing, hand and gift towels
  • Portable and compact
  • Excellent incentives
  • Made out of premium quality cotton


In our online shop we offer you the possibility to order towels in different colors and sizes and thanks to our fast delivery services you will be able to make use of them as fast as possible on any of your upcoming advertising campaign. You will find a range of colours available to maximise visibility as well as help colour contrast your corporate logo. We make use of microfibre material whether as gift sets, hand towels, sports towels or bathing towel.

Thanks to our favorable prices, you can safely order as many towels as need without losing out and begin to distribute these giveaway products generously, in combination with our varieties of promotional mugs, bags, pens, keyrings, golf umbrellas for the ultimate effect! Distribute your customised giveaways at trade fairs, meetings or supply them to your customers by mail due to their light weight. Enjoy your vacation in style and enjoy both the quality and visual stimulation left behind!

If you are looking to find out more about the amazing benefits that promotional products offer, check out our promotional products wiki page!

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