In the allbranded online shop, you can find a large variety of glasses in many colour options which can be perfect as promotional products for your clients. Brand recognition is pretty much guaranteed when people see your eye-catching company logo on these glasses. Every time the customer sees your branding on this glassware they will build positive associations with your corporation. The moment your promotional product becomes a part of their kitchen equipment, you can be sure that your business image will be seen everyday.

Your logo printed on a high quality glass is sure to be admired by recipients, their family, friends and work colleagues! All of this results in more people seeing your logo and becoming aware of your business. The printed glass gives off an aura of sophistication and elegance.


Nowadays, most drinking glasses at restaurants, cafés and bars are branded with a logo. The oldest textual references to glassware can be dated back to 1600 BC. Nowadays glass can be found in many places, it plays an important role in chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, the food and drink industry, research and science, as well as in modern architecture. In the early days of production, glasses were still made by glassblowers, nowadays however; glass is largely made through a process of moulding. Today, glass blowers only make exquisite wine and sparkling wine glasses. Hotels and caterers would be ideal candidates for our personalised glasses. There is something about the glass that evokes class and sophistication, align those values with your company by printing them with your corporate image.


These drinking utensils are high use items; they are an essential part of everyday life. With every use of your promotional product, your logo or personalised message will catch the eye of the user which will keep your business strongly in their minds. The brand impression generated by the printed glasses will benefit your company greatly. These promotional glasses will help attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships too, as well as present your company in the best possible way towards the public. Effective promotional glasses can have a subtle, yet strong advertising effect on your customers, co-workers and business partners. Giving out elegant promotional glasses will not only make your company look generous but also show appreciation and interest towards your target audience.


  • More sophisticated and chic than the traditional printed cambridge photo mugs
  • Ideal for restaurants, cafes and hotels
  • Options to print or engrave, many ways to customise!
  • High use item, your corporate image will be seen countless times throughout the day


The most generic type and most used is the water glass. It usually has a cylinder shape, is made of either thin or thicker glass and can contain between 0.2 to 0.3 litres. The premium opposite to this is the wine glass. This version originated from the ancient Egypt (2660 -2160 BC) and ever since its creation has become a staple in households and restaurants around the world. Red wine glasses are usually bigger with a wider opening, while white wine glasses are more apple-shaped, with a smaller opening. The shape of the thin wine glasses ensures that the wine does not take on room temperature. For the purpose of serving wine, products like jugs and carafes are very suitable and can also be branded. We also have champagne glasses in our range, which can contain 0.15 litres and are more tulip or flute shaped. Cocktail and beer glasses are also available, as part of our large glassware range. Our engraved or printed glasses are also naturally dishwasher proof. We even stock personalised glasses from celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and French chef Paul Bocuse! If you are looking to order customised products for the home or office, why not check out our promotional coffee mugs to! We even have promotional thermal mugs available to be printed with your logo! So, for high quality and affordable branded drinkware, explore allbranded's wide range of printed cups & mugs!


At allbranded, we have options to print, engrave, or both! With methods like laser engraving, we can decorate your glasses with any design of your choosing. You can also print your glasses with the help of pad printing which will allow for bright colours in your logos and slogans. With our pantone matching assistant, you can be sure, that your colours will be perfectly matched to your corporate design. Have a look through our web shop and we’ll help you find the right style of printed glasses for you!

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