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About Stress Balls

Alex Carswell realised what a good idea it would be to have a product that could relieve stress without causing property damage. Carswell released his invention, the stress ball, in 1988. Unlike most stress relievers we see today, the original stress toy contained electronic gadgetry that caused it to make the sound of glass breaking upon impact. Like its modern-day descendants, it was made of polyurethane foam.

Stress is omnipresent in our society and a sad truth. The pace our society moves at is picking up every day and at times, keeping up can prove to be difficult. No company desires to overwork its employees and moments of relaxation are, at times, hard to come by. So treat your employees and customers with a little relaxation in everyday life!

Branded Stress Balls as Promotional Products

Most people want more relaxation in their everyday life. This is where you can have the greatest impact as a company, be original and purchase a branded stress ball as a gift for each of your employees or clients. Your company will then be seen as caring for its staff, and prioritising the mental health of your workers is always a good idea; because happy employees means efficient employees.

Stress reliever toys such as our branded stress balls (and other shapes) are meant to relax and offer a small breather for everyone. The main purpose of this promotional item is to be squeezes and come back to its initial shape, so that the people using it will feel less anxious and frustrated. What's more, the ball can be used as many times as needed without deteriorating, hence it's a great desk accessory for absolutely everyone.

With our promotional products, you can do something good for your staff while simultaneously promoting your business and everything you stand for. While you are at it, feel free to check out our collection of branded mugs, promotional pens & pencils, branded bags, branded USB sticks and so much more.

Benefits of our Branded Stress Balls

If you're wondering what are the advantages of a branded stress balls, here are a few of them:

  • Thoughtful: This promotional product shows you care about mental health
  • Sustainable: Because this can be used time and time again, it can be seen as an eco friendly promotional product
  • Brand Image: It might improve your brand visibility and projects the image of a company that cares
  • Useful: It's a high practical value item what can be used daily
  • Universal: It can be gifted as a corporate gift to absolutely anyone
  • Variety: Browse through a plethora of colours, sizes and shapes
  • Advertisement: You benefit from long term advertisement for your brand at no extra cost
  • Purpose: It's perfect as a trade show giveaway, as a fun company gift or a desk accessory

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions:

Do stress balls really work?

Yes, stress balls (and shapes) are actually very effective. They help relieve stress, anxiety and frustration both at home and at work, when needed. Therefore, this promotional item actually works.

Why are branded stress balls such a popular promotional product?

Branded stress balls are a super popular promotional product thanks to their many advantages. This item actually helps the well-being of the people around you, while promoting your company.

Are branded stress balls expensive?

Nope, actually stress balls are one of the most affordable promotional products. With just a few pounds you will have increased your brand awareness among potential clients.

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