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About Car Chargers

The Brits spend a total average of 400 days commuting over the course of their carriers. And even though 20% of them have been offered the option of full-time remote working, the commute is still one of the biggest aspect in our lives right now. Therefore, listening to one's favourite music or charging one's phone is part of every driver's routine. 

Shop our branded car chargers for a fraction of the price and impress your clients, employees and other business partners which might need this little gadget. All you need to do is choose your favourite model, customise your order and brand it by simply uploading your logo on our website, and we'll get to work. It's that simple.

Advantages of Branded Car Chargers

Our branded car chargers have the following benefits: 

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of options
  • High-quality merchandise
  • Can be used by absolutely everyone
  • Lasts a long time
  • Great advertisement spot


Why are car chargers so popular? 

Car chargers are a popular promotional due to that fact that people spend a lot of time commuting, therefore charging the phone or listening to your favourite music is a must, and that makes the car chargers, a very useful corporate gift.

What are the most popular car chargers?

One of the most popular options is this fast car charger with triple output, which you can brand with your own logo. Another favourite options is this customisable dual port with prices starting from a mere £1.31.

Why should I consider car chargers for my marketing?

All companies should consider car chargers for their employees, clients and business partners. Not only is this a useful branded corporate gift, but this promotional product will last a lifetime, which means your logo will be on proud display for a long time.


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