Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Winter and the cold it brings can often be great and refreshing. Whether it is to merely sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy a hot chocolate or the enjoyment we get when wearing baggy and comfortable sweaters. We enjoy seasonal change for the simple reason of getting tired of something we've been experiencing for a rather elongated time; even if it is the sun. However winter also brings with it some impracticality, especially if you own a car or vehicle of any kind. How often have you left the house to see your car in the driveway with the windows frozen? The annoyance of having to find innovative ways to get rid of it so you have even the slightest chance to get to work on time? Whether that is pouring water on your car or get into the driver seat and heat the system, waiting for far too long for these to melt? Allbranded answers these problems not just practically but adds a second layer to it.

Thanks to our high quality plastic ice scrapers, cars can easily be freed from ice and snow. In the online store of allbranded you'll find classic as well as fancy variants of window scrapers. All models can be printed with your logo and ordered in any colour you want. Giveaway seasonal demanded and inexpensive promotional vehicle accessories to your customers with a high user value and look forward to positive associations with your company. Positive associations are also made by our range of promotional products such as keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, coasters, wallets and fresheners.


A good ice scraper is a multifunctional item (as are our branded keyrings, pens, mugs and eco-friendly bags) that can be used in different ways. Our quality window scrapers are equipped with robust teeth, a smooth edge to scrape ice and a modern design enable long-lasting usage and long-term promotional messages. But this practical item is not only be used for scraping ice, but also for removing water films on the car windows thanks to the rubber rib. Profit from the high user value of our ice scrapers and gain new customers for your company. You can reach new audiences if you give them away on Christmas markets, car fairs or tuning events, as well as a giveaway to driving schools. Allbranded implements your individual wishes and ideas and provides you a long lasting promotional effect.


The advertising ice scrapes in the online store of allbranded stand out due to their form and looks. You can choose between classic trapeze and square-shaped variants with or without handle, as well as between models in a wintery design such as the ice scraper Santa Claus or the scraper Snowman. As a premium variant you can find the model 'Vision', which is especially popular on cold days with its integrated glove. Further modern variants are combined with a promotional clock disc and can be placed on the windscreen. We also stock branded pens, mugs, eco-friendly bags and other accessories for your consideration!


  • Small and compact
  • High-quality and durable
  • Seasonal product
  • Appeals to wide target audience
  • Multi-functional accessories
  • Range of colours and shapes available


With an advertising ice scraper you address every car driver. Whether company car or private car: a window scraper is the perfect present makes life easier for your customers and provides clear vision and therefore safe driving. As a seasonal and highly relevant product, we advise you to customise your promotional ice scrapers with your logo or brand claim. Using this you'll be guaranteed to get the attention of the user and those around as you have a strong presence throughout those wintery days. Why not browse through our other promotional car accessories or promotional keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, lanyards, coasters and wallets, for a wider range of options?


Window scrapers especially increase the popularity of your campaign and of the advertised accessories due to their long term use and visual contact provided; we rely these products for safety and ease. Are you a car dealer? Giveaway a promotional ice scraper with your logo every time a car is sold that provides safety for your customers and keeps your company in their minds even after the purchase. The same applies to car workshop or car insurances. You can be sure that the plastic ice scraper that you'll customise with your logo and giveaway to your customers will have a huge user value and will not simply disappear in the glove compartment.

The online store of allbranded offers a huge variety of ice scrapers in different forms. We have classic models as well as customised variants in different forms and colours that can be printed with your logo according to your corporate design. Plastic ice scrapers can be produced cheaply and therefore can be distributed as a giveaway on car fairs. Combined with an ambulance box in your company design you'll provide an all-round carefree package that stays in the mind of your customer. For extra potential gift-bag items, find our promotional keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks at the allbranded store now!

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