The promotional products with the highest impact are those that can be used in everyday life. This is because the more often a promotional products is used the more your logo will be seen throughout the day. These laptop bags help with the safe transport of your device. The padded walls of these bags help to protect during transit, which is important because laptops depending on the model, can be priced in thousands! It is important to protect such a valuable and expensive piece of equipment. These laptop or promotional tablet cases can be customised with your logo, photo or slogan, so that your clients can promote your business as they travel on their daily commute. There is a huge amount of choice in this category, with branded backpacks, shoulder bags and carry bags, there is sure to be a style to suit your business aesthetic. These bags come in several different kinds of material, these include PU leather, polyester, and nylon. Customers and business partners will be thankful for such useful and stylish items , and they will be sure to use these items for many years to come, extending your advertising reach.


  • High use item – your clients will use these daily
  • Practical – as most people use technology, your target demographic will be endless
  • Excellent standalone items, but more effective as part of tech related gift bags li>
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and preferred colour, to having your logo printed or engraved


People often take their laptops wherever they go, not just to work! Particularly for the student and the office worker, the safe transportation of their devices is important. These promotional laptop and tablet bags offer protection and an easy way to transport notebooks. There are also internal compartments to hold extension leads, as well as notebooks and pens should you wish or need to. The practical nature of these items makes them the perfect tools for spreading your marketing message. You can be sure that the recipients of these products will use them daily, ensuring many brand impressions through the products lifecycle . This way, the name of the company will remain in the memory of the owners, as well as surrounding bystanders. There will be many bystanders should your customers take these bags to work or school.


You’ll be delightfully surprised by the extensive range we have of laptop bags. There are styles, colours and functions to suit all. There are ranges of sizes to ensure there is one to fit all laptops. The most common sizes of laptop cases are 13.3, 15.4 and 17.3 inches. If you choose, you should check if it's the right size for your notebook, because otherwise the notebook might not be supported well enough, which could lead to scratches and bumps. For additional space, these often have separate pockets for a pc mouse or a USB flash drive. Promotional notebook suitcases can be made from polyester nylon or neoprene. Especially the latter is very useful, because it protects the laptop from liquids. The leather bags engraved with your design will be a premium promotional gift appreciated by all. Besides the standard model of these cases with integrated carrying handle, there are also laptop backpacks and trolleys. They are especially robust, spacious and easy to transport. For us, modernity is very important when it comes to promotional computer accessories and that's why we offer so many different options in the allbranded online store.


Promotional products are also very popular in the technology sector, take advantage of this by distributing these laptop and tablet cases with other tech related items. A lot of technical products, such as promotional solar accessories or USB flash drives can serve as effective giveaways. In doing this, you will ensure your logo is in multiple places through your customer's day, creating even more brand impressions. The more someone sees your branding, the more familiar they become with it, increasing the chance that they might also become repeat buyers. It's safe to say: Technology and promotional products match!


The individuality of the products is as important as their user value. Make your promotional products stand out by customising them. Having your corporate logo printed or engraved can do this. There is no limit to your creativity: whether logo, slogan or photo , we can fulfil all your wishes. With the pantone colour system, you can choose from over 1,500 colours in order to make a unique item out of every laptop bag or backpack. If you have any further questions about the design process, or need help with where to begin, please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

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