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Promotional clothing can offer your target audience comfort, practicality and the ability to promote your business as they go about their day to day tasks! At allbranded you have the option of having your corporate logo or slogan printed or embroidered into the fabric, which we suggest doing to increase your advertising campaigns effectiveness. Promotional clothing shows that you invest into your company and like to take care of your customers, employees, investors as well as anyone you interact with. This care and attention to detail will reflect well on your company. In this category you’ll find all kinds of garments, in styles to flatter all. From the smart collared shirt in classic colours black or white, to the more causal printed hoodies and sweatshirts. As well as t-shirt, vests, custom polo shirts and so much more. The occasions to use promotional clothing are endless, everyone, no matter what demographic they are, would use and appreciate these promotional products.


Promotional garments are one of the most popular ways to advertise, and its easy to see why. What we dress in can say a lot about who we are as a person. It is a reflection of our personality, and its often the way we show our creativity and interests. Promotional polo shirts and corporate wear, printed with your corporate design, would be ideal for employee uniforms. Our promotional rain jackets are suitable for construction workers, amongst other fields. The running t-shirts could be given out at sporting events, they can also be given away at events and exhibitions. As a culture that is concerned with brands, we are all curious at to what each other is wearing. You can be sure that your clients walking down the street in your promotional clothing will gain a lot of attention, and by extension, exposure for your business. Logo printed clothing is also a brilliant product to have at trade shows! It can be worn by your staff to make them easily identifiable or given out to attendees who will be grateful for a product that they can actually use as opposed to the normal print outs and business cards on offer.


  • High use items, your clients will wear these promotional products often, creating regular brand exposure for your company
  • Endless marketing occasions, from exhibitions, trade shows and events, to school and work uniforms
  • Make these products align with your brand by choosing the style and colour, then having your corporate logo or slogan either printed or embroidered into the fabric


Printed T-shirts are one of the most popular garment choices to personalise and can be used for a huge number of marketing occasions. We even have soft shell jackets made with 3 layers of bonded fabric! These are weatherproof yet breathable and designed to help you withstand colder climates. We also have the classic white oxford shirts, which can be used for both work colleagues and students. Across our range there are several fabrics we use, including polyester, cotton and fleece. A lot of our t-shirts feature stylish flat lock seams for ultimate comfort. The amount of choice in this category can be overwhelming! However, this also ensures that on our website, there is bound to be a style to suit your brand and advertising goals.


Fashion and style are important to most of us, which is why promotional clothing could be your most impactful advertising campaign yet! Clothing is not just fashionable, but also practical in keeping us warm when out and about. The practicality of these items means your clients will wear these promotional products potentially on a daily basis. The more often they dress in these personalised items, the more exposure they create for your company! By having your business logo or slogan printed or embroidered into the fabric, you will spread your advertising message with very little effort. There are also many colour options to choose from, so you can really make them promotional garments align with your brand.


Once you have chosen your style of garment and preferred colour, you can have your corporate design applied. This can be done through screen printing, or for a more fashionable and personal touch, it can be embroidered into the fabric. If you’re unsure of which style would be best for your company, then please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.