Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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In order to make your marketing campaign the most effective, you need a promotional product that your clients and potential customers will use daily. Promotional watches could just be the solution! With a stylish and modern look, the recipients will be more than happy to wear this and be promoting your company without even realising it!

There are many styles of watch to choose from in the allbranded web shop, there are smart, premium watches made from stainless steel and real leather, these are sure to delight and impress all of your clients with its incredible craftsmanship. There are also chronograph sport watches, with luminous hands so that the wearer can see the time, even in the dark. Handy for late night travellers and night shift workers – or if you’re just one of those people that sleeps with their watch on! These styles have silicone straps for the ultimate comfort in long wear. No matter what your marketing aim, there is sure to be a promotional watch to suit it.


  • High use items, most people tend to wear watches daily and will look at it repeatedly, creating a lot of exposure
  • A classic accessory that is beloved by all target demographics
  • Fashionable and stylish, your company will be associated with these attributes
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and preferred colour, to having your logo printed or engraved


Watches developed over time but before watches people used portable, spring driven clocks. These were used in the 15th century, and Peter Henlien invented ‘clock watches’ which were decorative watches worn as pendants. These were the first time pieces to be worn on the body. Since then, watches have changed and developed a lot and now there are dozens of different styles with multiple intended purposes. There are even watches in this day and age that have Wi-Fi! Still a classic accessory, the watch is worn by people of all ages across all cultures, which means your advertising reach will be broad when using this promotional product.


There are many times where the promotional watch can become your advertising triumph. These would make premium giveaway items for exhibitions, events of all kinds, and as rewards for hardworking employees, or to impress business partners. As a more luxurious promotional item, distributing these will give your business the impression of wealth, status and good taste. Its important to build these impressions of your business in the minds of the customer, and this can be done effectively with personalised watches. As people pass your booth at the exhibition they will see these items and think how affluent the company must be, they will be much more likely to stop and take a look. When a customer is impressed by a product, they are in turn impressed by the company and much more likely to become a repeat buyer. This is an important step in building a strong and loyal clientele. Much like promotional clocks, these branded products can also be given to any target audience and are sure to be met with appreciation and gratitude!


In this collection we have styles to suit all personalities. There are sporty watches with silicone straps, to ensure comfort for the wearer. There are also more classic styles with leather straps and stainless steel clock faces. These are very fashionable among both men and women, and would be greatly appreciated by all recipients. We also stock watches by popular brand names like Slazenger, by using a designer name such as this and attaching your logo to it, the respect and esteem that people associate with that brand, will be attributed to yours. This is a powerful way to raise brand equity and create a loyal base of clients. Some of our watches have multiple features, as well as telling the time they also allow you to set alarms, and have a timer function. This increases the usability of the product, which means it will be used more often and create even more exposure. We also have nurse watches, will clip into clothes with a safety pin, allowing the wearer to lift the watch at their chest and easily see the time. This is ideal for many individuals, but particularly useful for nurses because of how often they come into contact with fluids, a wristwatch might not be appropriate. Additionally, our digital watches would be great to give to keen explorers and jet setters as a travel promotional product! They can adjust the time zones easily and at their convenience and make them real a little bit more confident when abroad, not to mention remind them of your business logo. For more promotional clocks please check our promotional alarm clocks and promotional wall clocks.


There are so many styles in our web shop, with different looks and functions. There is sure to be a style to suit you no matter what your marketing aims. Once you have chosen the appropriate style and preferred colour, it can also be customised by having your corporate logo printed or engraved. This will add a premium looking promotional touch that is sure to be noticed not just by the wearer, but by all people who take notice of this fashionable accessory. By putting your name onto such a classic and stylish accessory, you will be showing your customers that you pay attention to the details. If you have any questions about the design process, or perhaps if you’re not sure where to begin, give our friendly team a call or use the live chat function at the bottom of the page.

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