Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Don’t print your logo or advertising message on boring and useless giveaways – decide for innovative and modern led lamps instead that your target audience can use in everyday life as well as beautiful accessories. In our allbranded online store you’ll find a wide range of appealing logo printed lamps that you can distribute at countless events and places. From now on, advertise in an elegant and modern way – we of allbranded help you with that and make sure you that make your marketing work!

So with its incredible high usage, practicality and quality, these make innovative promotional products capturing the attention with those around. Consider now how large the effect can potentially be, equipped with your aesthetically pleasing corporate logo and/or slogan. Your product will earn itself plenty of visual contacts and generate numerous customer leads for you to follow through! Why waste time? Instead find the right lamp with the right fit for your company and make it work in your favour, with the help of allbranded. For more universal promotional products why not browse through our keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, lanyards, usb-sticks and eco-friendly bags?


Electroluminescence was discovered in 1907 by the British experimenter H. J. Round.Oleg Losev, a Russian inventor meanwhile is accredited with the first creation of the LED in 1927. His research was distributed in many scientific journals, made no practical headway for many decades. In 1962, scientist Nick Holonyak (consulting engineer for General Electric Company) created the first practical visible light-emitting diode when attempting to create laser as opposed to a replacement of the existing light bulb. He now holds 41 patents and his other inventions include the laser diode and the first light dimmer and since his invention numerous coloured versions were found by a range of scientists and have fallen into mainstream commercial use.


Since a lot of people do not buy led lamps themselves, they are the perfect promotional product whether as giveaways or gifts. Your target audience will therefore be thankful for this kind of promo article. Use the chance to customise these products at allbranded.co.uk and to cultivate contacts with these motivated potential individuals. You only have a limited budget? Don’t worry! allbranded offers you countless promotional led lamps in different varieties at fair prices, as are our custom printed torches, keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, lanyards, usb-sticks and eco-friendly bags?

Commit to effective merchandising, by printing your individual slogan and your unique logo onto the LED lamps all made possible by allbranded. We don’t leave you hanging if it’s about customising useful products with your corporate design. The only thing we are leaving to you is the creative mind of it all; choosing the right LED lamp and tell us what kind of message you would like to have printed.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Range of colours, sizes and shapes
  • Inexpensive and exclusive varieties available
  • Great in gift bags with combination of more desk accessories
  • Versatile for outdoor and indoor use


Convince with the huge variety of branded LED lamps we offer and decide which model is best for your advertising campaign. In the allbranded online store we offer head torches at a low price that your target audience might use on hiking trips. Small LED lamps in the form of torches are also advisable, since they can be used as a keychain, making them both compact and portable. This means they are excellent giveaways, whether given out remotely or within gift bags at events, festivals or special occasions and exhibitions!

With allbranded you profit of fast transactions as well as of promotional products that your customers cannot only use in their everyday life, but are also an effective advertising medium for your company. Giveaway modern LED lamps that will not land in the rubbish bin! allbranded helps you with that and with customising your goods. All of our products are available in different varieties and can be customised as you wish. Go online now and be inspired by the huge variety that we offer in the allbranded online store.

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